IQOS Heated Tobacco Products - UK London IQOS offers heated tobacco products and vape alternatives to smoking, for those who smoke or use nicotine. Learn about the smoke-free alternatives for those who otherwise continue to smoke, designed by PMI. IQOS London IQOS has created a real alternative to smoking with their nicotine and tobacco products. It isn't vaping. IQOS tastes like you're smoking real tobacco, because you are smoking real tobacco. The IQOS device heats up the HEETS (tobacco sticks) to 350oC. It doesn't use a vape liquid, therefore you get the same satisfying smoking experience that you're used to, without any of the ash, the smoke and with a reduced smell. IQOS gently heats the tobacco sticks, using their revolutionary heat not burn technology, to ensure you get a satisfactory smoke experience. All you have to do is insert a HEETS tobacco stick into the IQOS holder, press the button, wait for the light to turn white and enjoy the taste of real tobacco, without the ash, the smoke or the smell.

Why would smokers want to switch to heated tobacco products? You get the same tobacco taste and smoking satisfaction. They have been designed as cessation aids. HEETS are half the price of a packet of regular cigarettes, making heated tobacco products a much more affordable option. There is less risk to health with heated tobacco products. If you wish to continue to smoke, IQOS has carried out extensive tests, comparing smoking cigarettes with heated tobacco products and found that IQOS poses a much reduced risk to your health than continuing to smoke. Not only does smoking IQOS reduce the health impact for you, it also has less of an effect on those around you. When you smoke heated tobacco products, you don't have smelly hands, smelly clothes or smelly hair. Your fingers aren't stained and you aren't single handedly reducing the air quality around you. IQOS is not risk free they contain nicotine. IQOS delivers nicotine. Nicotine is addictive. Nicotine or tobacco products So just what is heated tobacco? The heated tobacco products created by IQOS are specifically designed to be smoked in the IQOS device. These devices heat the tobacco sticks (HEETS) electronically. They heat not burn them. The tobacco sticks are heated electronically through battery powered devices that need to be regularly charged. Each IQOS device will hold enough charge for 10 tobacco sticks. By controlling the temperature that the tobacco stick is heated to, stops it from combusting, meaning the heated tobacco produces a vapour rather than a smoke. The vapour is then inhaled. Once the smoking experience is over, the stick is removed and binned, and can be immediately replaced by another. Are heated tobacco products less harmful than smoking? This vapour is 95% less harmful than the smoke produced by cigarettes. Cigarettes are known to cause serious damage to one's health. Not to mention they're highly addictive. While heated tobacco products are not completely risk free, they are less damaging to health than cigarettes. Heated tobacco products still deliver nicotine. And nicotine is addictive.


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What is Ploom?

Ploom is the new heated tobacco sensation. Featuring HeatFlow™, our unique and innovative heating technology, there is no smoke smell and minimal cleaning. It works exclusively with EVO tobacco sticks featuring ActivBlend™ and is a stylish, convenient device offering a hassle-free introduction to new taste experiences. ​


Ploom's proprietary heated tobacco technology

Ploom is where innovation meets sensation. The device brings together unique Heatflow™ technology and innovative EVO tobacco sticks with Activblend™, all in a comfortable, stylish design that's both easy to use and maintain.


Ploom's proprietary heated tobacco technology

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