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October 04, 2018 Why is the JUUL so popular?
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Why is the JUUL so popular?

Author: Amy Phillips

There’s a new sheriff in town, not that it needs much introduction. JUUL is undoubtedly the latest and greatest titan in the UK vaping industry, and we’re assessing why exactly this fresh face is taking over the vaping world. We’ve talked to our customers and done our homework, so read on to see what we’ve discovered!

From our research and personal experience, we’ve found out that the JUUL is popular for several different, but equally important, reasons. It’s simple, clean, perfectly sized and satisfying.

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July 19, 2017 Will there be more vaping restrictions?
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Will there be more vaping restrictions?

In 2017, the vaping industry faced its biggest challenge; The Tobacco Products Directive.

Restrictions to trade, packaging and products on the market proved to be a point of contention between vapers and the government, but UK vapers were quick to adjust to the new rules.

However, despite widespread compliance and the promise that no further changes would come into effect, it seems that TPD isn't done with us just yet.

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June 27, 2017 Vaping in review: The important events you need to know about
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Vaping in review: The important events you need to know about

In the last few years, vaping has gone from an underground, often overlooked activity, to the biggest competitor to the tobacco industry. Around the world, millions of people are trading smoking for vaping, and vaping is growing in strength each day.

The last few years have been eventful for vaping, with overwhelmingly positive clinical studies, research data and new trading standards that make vaping safer for everyone.

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June 07, 2017 Meet The Staff: Paula
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Meet The Staff: Paula

Dark thoughts breed dark deeds

Elizabeth’s mothers words echoed in her mind, still powerful enough to cause a sting of fear, even after all these years. It was hardly a comfort on this dark night,

The dimly lit streets of London were full of potent terrors, but today she witnessed something she shouldn’t have. Something evil. Something that made her often tense walk home seem as dread-filled as a home cooked meal.

She would leave England tonight. She would start fresh and be free of the horrors that seemed to almost suffocate her every waking moment of lucidity. She would be free.

Enthralled by her thoughts, she hardly noticed that her door was already unlocked, nor the musty smell coming from the pitch black hallway that somehow seemed so alien this eve.

But she soon woke from her daze, when a whispering voice emanated from the hunched figure shrouded by the night, standing on her stairwell.

Crippled by terror, wide eyed and mouth agape in horror, she hears the dark words and knows true fear for the last time. She finally realises, in this terrible moment, what her mother meant.


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May 09, 2017 CEO Anthony Mixides represents UK vapers with Hugo Rittson Thomas exhibition
Press Release

CEO Anthony Mixides represents UK vapers with Hugo Rittson Thomas exhibition

The UK vaping scene is already having a significant impact on the smoking industry and the way in which the public has grown to value their health. But the future is even brighter.

The success of vaping prompts an important question, primarily regarding how the UK of the near future will integrate alternative tobacco products. The UK has introduced lenient, and generally liberal, controls with regards to the industry, avoiding the strict legislation that other governments have seen fit to implement.

The public has responded to vaping extremely positively, leading to the introduction of new sub-cultures and social identities. With this, it looks like vaping is here to stay.

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