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July 27, 2017 Meet the Staff: Anthony
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Meet the Staff: Anthony

‘Do you still have the dreams?’

Dr Seldvig’s question fell on deaf ears, as his young patient sat quietly across from him, eyes fixated on the hard-wood floor. The doctor let the question hang momentarily, like the choking dust covering every section of the room, but was yet met with silence. He decided to take a different path.

‘What about the words, William?’ Seldvig pressed, ‘Do you still hear them?’

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June 07, 2017 Meet The Staff: Paula
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Meet The Staff: Paula

Dark thoughts breed dark deeds

Elizabeth’s mothers words echoed in her mind, still powerful enough to cause a sting of fear, even after all these years. It was hardly a comfort on this dark night,

The dimly lit streets of London were full of potent terrors, but today she witnessed something she shouldn’t have. Something evil. Something that made her often tense walk home seem as dread-filled as a home cooked meal.

She would leave England tonight. She would start fresh and be free of the horrors that seemed to almost suffocate her every waking moment of lucidity. She would be free.

Enthralled by her thoughts, she hardly noticed that her door was already unlocked, nor the musty smell coming from the pitch black hallway that somehow seemed so alien this eve.

But she soon woke from her daze, when a whispering voice emanated from the hunched figure shrouded by the night, standing on her stairwell.

Crippled by terror, wide eyed and mouth agape in horror, she hears the dark words and knows true fear for the last time. She finally realises, in this terrible moment, what her mother meant.


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April 08, 2017 Meet the Staff: Hugh
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Meet the Staff: Hugh

Beneath the very crust of the earth, a remnant of a life once lived rummages through the wreckage of the old world. Its clammy, boney hands caress inexplicable objects from the lost society above, its simple mind unable to comprehend their worth or meaning.

Something catches the creatures eye, something unnaturally preserved, seemingly immune to the ravages of time. With uncommon care, the beast inspects the small, leather bound book, taken with its beauty. It can almost hear a soft, intimidating whispering, inviting a closer look.

Suddenly, the artifact bursts open as an ungodly, shrieking noise erupts in the dank cavern. Blinding light illuminates the creatures visage, as it stares, frozen in terror at the contents within.

For the first, and last time, the creature speaks, screeching the words contained within as it is locked in petrifying horror:


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February 03, 2017 Meet the staff: Amy
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Meet the staff: Amy

A shrouded figure struggles up the barren, twisted hillside, his crooked form barely able to pull himself up the steep path. His journey is familiar, but his task is both alien and mortifying. As he crests the ancient dune, a cold chill reminds him of the unspeakable horrors that have graced this godforsaken land. He does not stop, even as his body screams for relief and his restless mind pleads for him to run far, far away from the nightmare that awaits him.

Finally he sees his goal, a black, shapeless void in time and space. It hovers so gracefully and yet fills his soul with such sickening dread. Steeling himself, he moves his wizened visage closer to the opening, listening intently.

The words that hiss from the abomination are exactly what he feared:

'It's time to meet the staff'

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December 03, 2016 Meet the staff: Anil
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Meet the staff: Anil

Deep within the ripples of time, a disturbance makes itself known to the universe. What cosmic horror dwells within?

Yup, it's time for meet the staff!

And who is the subject for our little character autopsy? We're heading right back to  senior management with our beloved overlord, Anil (Ohgodwhatshappening Itsyourfaultest).

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November 11, 2016 Meet the staff: Zoe
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Meet the staff: Zoe

Here we return with yet another thrilling observation of the wondrous variety within the veritable animal kingdom of the Vape Co staff.

Today we look towards our Holloway store, a wonderful place where pies and football are equally heralded as 'the best thing ever'. And in this humble little abode, we find Zoe (Greekus Shoutatus).

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