March 18, 2017 Quitters: Amy and Anil

Quitters: Amy and Anil

Vaping has provided a means for so many of us to throw away a terrible, harmful and expensive habit. The journey to finally ditching that last pack of cigarettes can be a painful, unpleasant path, but a healthier life is worth it.

We take great pride in our business, particularly how it's been on the forefront of a new generation of smokers who have finally been able to free themselves of cigarettes. And we want the world to know that they won.

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September 15, 2016 Vaping helps 18,000 extra people quit in 2015
Vaping New UK

Vaping helps 18,000 extra people quit in 2015

E-cigarettes go hand in hand with controversy, often fuelled by uninformed speculation, but actual definitive research is few and far between. This can make the available information for would-be vapers at best confusing, but at worst contradictory.

However, more and more research is slowly providing a clear picture of how the vaping industry is changing the face of smoking, and the verdict is extremely positive.

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