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September 28, 2017 Join over 1400 vapers in fighting social media's restrictions on vaping!
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Join over 1400 vapers in fighting social media's restrictions on vaping!

We need your help.

Vaping is an industry that has become more and more invisible to the public, thanks to increasing pressure from a host of outlets, restricting our ability to communicate with our customers.

It has recently been announced that both Instagram and Facebook will be hiding vaping related posts, and while this may not sound like much, it will have a significant impact on our business.

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June 07, 2017 Meet The Staff: Paula
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Meet The Staff: Paula

Dark thoughts breed dark deeds

Elizabeth’s mothers words echoed in her mind, still powerful enough to cause a sting of fear, even after all these years. It was hardly a comfort on this dark night,

The dimly lit streets of London were full of potent terrors, but today she witnessed something she shouldn’t have. Something evil. Something that made her often tense walk home seem as dread-filled as a home cooked meal.

She would leave England tonight. She would start fresh and be free of the horrors that seemed to almost suffocate her every waking moment of lucidity. She would be free.

Enthralled by her thoughts, she hardly noticed that her door was already unlocked, nor the musty smell coming from the pitch black hallway that somehow seemed so alien this eve.

But she soon woke from her daze, when a whispering voice emanated from the hunched figure shrouded by the night, standing on her stairwell.

Crippled by terror, wide eyed and mouth agape in horror, she hears the dark words and knows true fear for the last time. She finally realises, in this terrible moment, what her mother meant.


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