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July 27, 2017 Meet the Staff: Anthony
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Meet the Staff: Anthony

‘Do you still have the dreams?’

Dr Seldvig’s question fell on deaf ears, as his young patient sat quietly across from him, eyes fixated on the hard-wood floor. The doctor let the question hang momentarily, like the choking dust covering every section of the room, but was yet met with silence. He decided to take a different path.

‘What about the words, William?’ Seldvig pressed, ‘Do you still hear them?’

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April 21, 2017 The Vape Co on 60 Minutes Australia: Fighting back against big tobacco
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The Vape Co on 60 Minutes Australia: Fighting back against big tobacco

As the vaping industry grows in size and strength, the public is becoming increasingly interested in what the world of e-cigarettes is slowly developing into.

Originally formulated as a more effective and more natural quitting tool than other nicotine replacement therapies, vaping has grown to pose a genuine threat to the tobacco industry.

In an investigation by 60 Minutes Australia into how the tobacco industry is responding to the vaping movement, we were lucky enough to feature in the broadcast and give our opinions.

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April 08, 2017 Meet the Staff: Hugh
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Meet the Staff: Hugh

Beneath the very crust of the earth, a remnant of a life once lived rummages through the wreckage of the old world. Its clammy, boney hands caress inexplicable objects from the lost society above, its simple mind unable to comprehend their worth or meaning.

Something catches the creatures eye, something unnaturally preserved, seemingly immune to the ravages of time. With uncommon care, the beast inspects the small, leather bound book, taken with its beauty. It can almost hear a soft, intimidating whispering, inviting a closer look.

Suddenly, the artifact bursts open as an ungodly, shrieking noise erupts in the dank cavern. Blinding light illuminates the creatures visage, as it stares, frozen in terror at the contents within.

For the first, and last time, the creature speaks, screeching the words contained within as it is locked in petrifying horror:


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