Fixed Coil Pods

Fixed-Coil Pods for Pod-Based Vaping Devices are replacement E-Liquid chambers that contain a non-removable coil already inside the pod. Whilst some Refillable Pod Kits have a removable coil which can be changed over for a fresh one, Fixed-Coil Pods utilise newer technology to create a more convenient solution for vapers that want to use their own E-Liquid but do not want to change their coils. Vapers looking for the least messy way to vape whilst quitting smoking traditional cigarettes have embraced the introduction of fixed-coil systems, especially those who have felt put off from vaping in the past due to the maintenance required for some devices previously available. Whilst Pre-Filled Pods and Disposable Vapes have opened up pathways in accessibility that’s hassle-free, these vaping products are expensive in the long term and are damaging to the environment. Fixed-Coil Pods enable vapers to enjoy their favourite E-Liquid within a compact vaping device which does not require coil changing at a fraction of the cost of disposable vapes, absolute heaven! Available in a variety of resistances (coil ohms) to suit MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) and STL (Straight-to-Lung) inhalation techniques and different VG/PG Ratios of E-Juice, there’s something for every type of vaper within our selection of Fixed-Coil Pods! We recommend double checking which type of pods are used for your pod-based vaping device before making a purchase, as not all pods are cross-compatible with each other and may not fit or operate within your machine. Treat yourself to some fresh pods and your favourite E-Liquid, it’s FREE 48HR Tracked Delivery Services via The Royal Mail on orders above £35! Certain exclusions apply, please see our delivery information page for further details. 

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