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Inhalation Style refers to the techniques used to inhale vapour to replicate the sensations felt when smoking traditional cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or even shisha. Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) Inhalation is one of the most popular techniques used by adults trying to quit smoking traditional cigarettes, in which the user takes a small puff of vapour into their mouth followed by a deep inhale of air to bring the vapour further into the lungs. Straight-to-Lung (STL) Inhalation techniques are implemented by adults trying to quit smoking cigars, pipes, or shisha, in which the user takes a large puff of vapour straight down into their lungs to create massive plumes of vapour. More recently within the world of vaping, popular brands have been designing devices and coils that can be used for a third inhalation technique referred to as Restrictive Straight-to-Lung (RSTL) in which the user takes a medium puff of vapour into their mouth followed by a large deep breath or taking a medium puff straight down into the lungs. This technological advancement has helped many adults find vaping products that better suit their needs whilst moving away from traditional cigarettes, especially for those who were previously very heavy smokers. At The London Vape Company we recognise how important it is to find the perfect vaping device that will help Londoners put the tobacco down for good, which is exactly why we stock a huge selection of different types of Vape Tank for all the different inhalation techniques and VG/PG Ratio E-Liquids available so that there is something for every type of vaper out there. Not sure which inhalation technique you prefer? Treat yourself to a brand new tank today and get FREE 48HR Tracked Delivery Services via The Royal Mail on orders above £35! Certain exclusions apply, please see our delivery information page for further details about the services offered.

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