Vape Co Tastr

Buying a new E-liquid online is frustrating. You can't tell how the liquid will feel or taste because you can't try before you buy. Until now...

We're putting an end to guess work.

A Taste Revolution!

The Vape Co is proud to announce that our development team is working on something revolutionary!

The Vape Co Tastr is the biggest breakthrough in Vaping since sub-ohming! The Tastr uses state of the art technology to simulate E-liquid flavours digitally, so you’ll never buy a bad E-liquid online ever again!

The Tastr will allow users to try all Vape Co and partnered E-liquids digitally, via a USB plug-in that is not only simple to use, but requires no replacement parts!

iphone Tastr iphone shadow iphone Tastr device

Taste The Future!

Based on recent breakthrough technology, the Vape Co Tastr stimulates your taste buds via the use of digital ‘currents’, manipulating your tongue with temperature and output frequencies that help to create an accurate simulation of an E-liquid’s taste.

Tastr fruits
Tastr sweets
Tastr cakes

Power Your Taste Buds!

Users simply place their tongue on the output device and inhale, which activates the device and delivers the simulated flavour each time a user puffs.


Tastr compatible E-liquids will be available upon the launch of the device, and be found on The London Vape Co website.

pressing Tastr
laptop connected laptop connected Tastr

When's It Available?

The Tastr is currently in development, and we will continue to update you as we get closer to a release. This is our biggest project yet, so it will take some time before this revolutionary project will be available for purchase. We will begin a series of beta tests in future, when the Tastr is ready to sample. You can sign up to be one of our Beta Tastrs below! Participants must be 18 or over to join.

Be One Of Our Beta Tastrs!

Want to try the Tastr? Share this page using the social icons and sign up below to be entered into a £250 e-cig giveaway. You will also get the chance to be selected as an early tester when the Tastr prototype is available.