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  • Short-sighted ban on vaping by Transport for London

    Everyone knows that you are not allowed to smoke on the Tube system. If you were not aware of the 1987 King’s Cross fire that killed 27 people, started by a dropped match on an escalator, that resulted in the ban, the incessant reminders over tube and train tannoy systems could not be missed. Such a ban was introduced for good reason, but what Transport for London (TfL) have now done through introducing a network and premises-wide ban on electronic cigarettes is unfathomable.

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  • Shocking new research on second hand smoking

    We've all known for a while now that smoking indoors around children and non-smoking family members isn't exactly beneficial to their health, to say the least. But according to new research published by the British Medical Journal's Tobacco Control Journal, living with smokers could be just as bad for your health as living in the heart of a heavily-polluted city.

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  • E-cigarette ads allowed on UK TV from November

    Fabulous news for all vapers and those who wish to quit smoking – the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) has ruled that from 10 November this year, TV adverts displaying electronic cigarettes can be shown in the UK – finally!

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  • France’s plans to curb youth smoking misses a great opportunity

    France’s Health Minister Marisol Touraine has announced a raft of proposals to reduce smoking in the country. These measures are aimed specifically at younger smokers and would-be smokers, as they are currently the most rapidly growing group in the country’s 13 million smokers. And with around 73,000 premature deaths a year from smoking in France, it is not surprising at all that their government has decided that enough is enough – but could they be going too far? Could they in fact be missing the opportunity to lead the way in Europe in turning their smokers into quitters?

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  • Mods that rock – the e-cigarette design revolution

    From the introduction of the e-cigarette in 2007 to date, the little electronic vaping devices, which have changed so many lives by helping smokers to quit, have themselves changed considerably in form. This transformation from the mundane and functional to an array of stunning designs started off as the creative passion of one father and son team in Newark-on-Stoke. Because of them, vapers today have a huge choice when they decide to put their smoking habit behind them, and many of the most exciting can be found at our high street and online stores. The electronic cigarettes mods were born!

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  • STOPTOBER – Discover how e-cigarettes could give you the strength to quit

    Stoptober – are you up for the challenge, and could you do with a little extra helping hand?

    Each year the NHS runs a heavily publicised campaign to encourage Britain’s 8 million smokers to quit their habit. The goal is to inspire people to give up the ciggies for just 28 days, which they claim makes you 5 times more likely to quit for good. There’s no doubting that Stoptober has been a massive awareness success; thousands of people take part each year and many lives have been changed. But for everyone who hits their target many more fall short, and that’s where a little extra helping hand could come in useful.

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  • E-cigarette ‘not gateway to smoking’ proves UK study

    UK-based anti-smoking charity, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), has just released a new study which affirms that there is no evidence to suggest that electronic cigarettes are encouraging young people to take up smoking. This is an important point as it is a claim that those looking to prevent e-cigarette use tout around as truth. Therefore, it being disproved is an important win for the two million or so vapers in the UK and the many thousands more who were on the fence about quitting with the help of e-cigarettes.

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  • Excessive regulation could kill off one of the most remarkable public health phenomenon in history

    We’ve been conditioned to automatically believe what authority figures tell us – so what happens when what they are saying is, well, just plain wrong? Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs – they’re all carefully regulated, and for good health reasons based on sound evidence to protect us from the harmful effects of their abuse or misuse. But, the conflicting information on e-cigarettes coming from those in supposedly high places is simply bemusing!

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  • E-cigarette ingredients revealed – you may be surprised what we discovered

    There has been a huge amount of debate in recent years around the question of whether vaping is safe. So we thought we’d take a deeper look into what goes into the e-liquid that electronic cigarettes use, and we think you may be surprised by what we found.

    Of course there’s no doubt in anyone’s minds that vaping is safer than smoking. E-liquid, the vapour-making substance that comes in refills for e-cigarettes, contains a controlled amount of nicotine. And, because e-liquid comes in a variety of nicotine strengths, the vaper can choose their most appropriate level to start off with, then slowly lower the concentrations until they are left smoking just the delightfully flavoured nicotine-free e-liquid.

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  • WHO are wrong, says research – e-cigarettes could save tens of thousands of lives

    A very public debate is raging in the laboratories, pubs, homes and media over the benefits or banning of e-cigarettes. But thankfully sense seems to be prevailing as new research claims that not only is vaping safer and cleaner, but as a result could save upwards of 50,000 smoker’s lives over the coming years.

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