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  • Where there's smoke there's fire: Vaping cuts fire death risks

    Vaping helps you to reduce risk in numerous areas, but not many would have thought about how using e-cigarettes can put a stop to fire risks.

    As it turns out, that's exactly the case!

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  • Quitters: Amy and Anil

    Vaping has provided a means for so many of us to throw away a terrible, harmful and expensive habit. The journey to finally ditching that last pack of cigarettes can be a painful, unpleasant path, but a healthier life is worth it.

    We take great pride in our business, particularly how it's been on the forefront of a new generation of smokers who have finally been able to free themselves of cigarettes. And we want the world to know that they won.

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  • Smoke or Save?

    Smoking is a burden in more ways than you may think. Despite the obvious health risks, many of us can underestimate the cost of smoking, and how much it eats into our cash reserves over the course of a year.

    The average UK smoker uses around 10-20 cigarettes a day, with each pack of 20 costing up to £11. In a year this adds up, hitting an estimated spend of around £3500 per annum. That's one hell of a lot of money!

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  • E-cigarettes 97% safer than smoking according to new study

    A new study has shown that E-cigarettes are up to 97% safer than conventional smoking.

    In a study funded by Cancer Research UK and performed by the department of epidemiology and public health at UCL, it was found that long term vapers have significantly lower toxic and carcinogenic substances in their body when compared to smokers.

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  • Meet the staff: Amy

    A shrouded figure struggles up the barren, twisted hillside, his crooked form barely able to pull himself up the steep path. His journey is familiar, but his task is both alien and mortifying. As he crests the ancient dune, a cold chill reminds him of the unspeakable horrors that have graced this godforsaken land. He does not stop, even as his body screams for relief and his restless mind pleads for him to run far, far away from the nightmare that awaits him.

    Finally he sees his goal, a black, shapeless void in time and space. It hovers so gracefully and yet fills his soul with such sickening dread. Steeling himself, he moves his wizened visage closer to the opening, listening intently.

    The words that hiss from the abomination are exactly what he feared:

    'It's time to meet the staff'

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  • Vaping view: UK VS US

    It's been over a year since Public Health England posted their landmark research into E-cigarettes. The study, which was supported by a number of prominent bodies, including the NHS, concluded that vaping is approximately 95% less harmful than smoking, and gave vaping a prominent boost in public perception.

    But, should you check the headlines about vaping you might be dissuaded, as contradictory and confusing reports are appearing left, right and center.

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  • Meet the staff: Anil

    Deep within the ripples of time, a disturbance makes itself known to the universe. What cosmic horror dwells within?

    Yup, it's time for meet the staff!

    And who is the subject for our little character autopsy? We're heading right back to  senior management with our beloved overlord, Anil (Ohgodwhatshappening Itsyourfaultest).

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  • The Vape Co guide to a smoke-free 2017

    Despite our growing obsession with pushing Xmas celebrations far too early in the year, it's never too early to think about quitting cigarettes for good. Be it a new years resolution, a choice gift from a family member or just hard-as-iron will power, this is a great time to get started.

    We've put together a little list of our products that will keep you on the right path, and bring the fun back to quitting.
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  • Meet the staff: Zoe

    Here we return with yet another thrilling observation of the wondrous variety within the veritable animal kingdom of the Vape Co staff.

    Today we look towards our Holloway store, a wonderful place where pies and football are equally heralded as 'the best thing ever'. And in this humble little abode, we find Zoe (Greekus Shoutatus).
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  • Vape the pounds away: Can Vaping be a key tool in fighting obesity?

    Obesity is a dirty little word that follows around most major powers in the world, as we all try to balance readily available garbage food with growing inactivity.

    The result? We as a people are getting considerably fatter, and our health is declining. Despite what some people may tell you, this is a big, big problem.

    However, Vaping is having some unexpected side effects which could make a significant impact on our waistlines. That being how flavoured liquids seem to be reducing user's cravings for naughty treats and fatty snacks.

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