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Welcome to The London Vape Co, where our dessert e-liquids transform every puff into a sweet-tooth's dream! Dive into a world where classic desserts like creamy vanilla custard, sweet apple pie, and rich caramel waffles become your favourite sweet treats in vape form. Our dessert flavoured e-liquids, ranging from strawberry and cream to cheesecake doughnut and more, promise a delightful vaping experience for every preference.
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Our commitment extends beyond taste to convenience and affordability. Enjoy free UK shipping on orders over £35 and explore our extensive range of your favourite sweet treats of dessert vape juices. From the boldness of coffee and cherry to the lightness of meringue, each flavour is a testament to our dedication to creating the ultimate vaping experience.

Top 5 Best Dessert Vape Juices

Vanilla E-Liquid by Vape Co.

Vape Co's Vanilla e-liquid is a dream for dessert enthusiasts, capturing the essence of creamy vanilla, similar to a scoop of rich ice cream or a spoonful of velvety custard.

This e liquid, notable in the dessert e liquid range, perfectly satisfies the sweet tooth, reminiscent of your favourite sweet treats. Each puff delivers a delightful, dessert-like experience, ideal for vapers who adore dessert vape juices.

Its sweet, comforting aroma enhances the vaping pleasure, making it more than just a liquid but a journey through delectable dessert flavors. Light, smooth, and perfectly balanced, it's a premium choice for indulging dessert cravings.

Queen Cake Shortfill E-liquid 100ml

Queen Cake Shortfill Dessert E-liquid by Suicide Bunny is a dream for dessert vape enthusiasts. This 100ml dessert e-liquid blends creamy vanilla, rich caramel, and smooth custard, perfectly capturing the essence of your favorite sweet treats.

With the option to adjust nicotine strength using nic shots, caters to various preferences. Its dessert-flavour profile is enriched with fruity undertones like zesty lemon curd and sweet strawberries, offering a luxurious, multi-layered vaping experience.

Ideal for those with a sweet tooth, Queen Cake stands out in the world of dessert e-liquids, making it a must-try for both seasoned and new vapers alike.

Butterscotch Shortfill Dessert vape Juice by Flavour Treats 100ML

The Butterscotch Shortfill E-liquid by Flavour Treats, in a 100ML size, is a dessert lover's dream. Each puff wraps you in a rich dessert vape juice experience, blending creamy vanilla, sweet caramel, and smooth custard.

It's like savouring your favourite sweet treats, minus the calories. Its versatile nicotine strength options cater to various preferences, making it a standout in dessert flavoured e-liquids. This e-liquid offers a delightful dessert vape journey, perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth.

Its creamy, caramel-laden flavour profile makes it a must-try for fans of a dessert vape juice, delivering a top-tier dessert e-liquid experience with every inhale.

Fruit Cheesecake by Only E-liquids 50ml

Fruit Cheesecake by Only E-liquids is a mesmerising dessert e liquid, blending rich vanilla, creamy custard, and sweet caramel with fruity undertones of raspberry and lemon.

Each puff delivers a delightful dessert flavour, satisfying your sweet tooth. Perfectly balanced, this vape juice offers a harmonious mix of creamy and fruity notes, with adjustable nicotine strength in its nic salt formulation. Ideal for dessert flavoured e liquid enthusiasts, it provides a comforting, indulgent experience without the calories.

This dessert e liquid is a blissful journey through your favourite sweet treats, making every vape session a moment of pure, dessert-inspired pleasure.

Cheesecake Doughnut Dessert Flavoured E Liquids by Only E-liquids 50ml

Cheesecake Doughnut by Only E-Liquids is a delightful dessert e liquid that combines the creamy richness of cheesecake with the sweet allure of doughnuts.

Each puff of this dessert flavoured e liquid is a journey through favourite sweet treats, satisfying the sweet tooth with a blend of vanilla, lemon curd, and sweet meringue.

The dessert vape juice offers a smooth experience, suitable for various nicotine strengths. It's more than just a vape juice; it's an indulgent escape into a world of dessert flavours, perfect for those who cherish creamy, sweet, and rich dessert experiences in their e liquids.


In conclusion, dessert e-liquids are a paradise for those with a sweet tooth, offering a vast array of delightful flavours.

Our selection highlights dessert vape juices that mimic your favourite sweet treats, with each dessert e-liquid designed to satisfy cravings. Vape juice varieties range from creamy vanilla to tangy lemon curd, ensuring there's a flavour for every preference.

E-liquids like these transform vaping into a gourmet experience, combining rich, dessert-like aromas with the convenience of e-liquid form. For those who adore dessert flavours, these e-liquids offer a perfect blend of taste and satisfaction, making each puff a memorable delight.

Are Dessert flavour E-Liquids are suitable for all types of vaping devices?

Dessert e-liquids, with their rich and varied dessert flavours, are generally suitable for most vaping devices. However, the viscosity of the e-liquid, which impacts its compatibility, can vary.

Dessert e-liquids, known for their sweet, dessert-like profiles, including flavours like creamy vanilla, tangy lemon curd, and sweet meringue, should be chosen based on the device's specifications.

For the best experience, ensuring the dessert vape juice matches the device's requirements, whether for a subtle custard or a bold caramel blend, is key.

What Level of Nicotine Should I Use?

Choosing the appropriate nicotine strength for your e-liquid depends on your current smoking habits. Here's a guideline based on how many cigarettes you smoke per day:

If you smoke 1-5 cigarettes per day:

  • Nicotine Strength: 0mg – 6mg

  • Expected E-liquid Consumption: Should last 7 - 14 days

If you smoke 5-10 cigarettes per day:

  • Nicotine Strength: 6mg

  • Expected E-liquid Consumption: Should last 5 - 12 days

If you smoke 10-20 cigarettes per day:

  • Nicotine Strength: 6mg - 12mg

  • Expected E-liquid Consumption: Should last 5 - 10 days

If you smoke 20-30+ cigarettes per day:

  • Nicotine Strength: 12mg - 18mg

  • Expected E-liquid Consumption: Should last 5 - 10 days

Remember, these are just guidelines and personal preferences can vary. It's often recommended to start with a lower nicotine strength and adjust according to your needs.

If you're trying to quit smoking, gradually reducing the nicotine strength might be a helpful strategy. Always consult with a healthcare professional for personalized advice, especially if you have health concerns or conditions.