Optional Nic Shots for Shortfill E-Liquids

Nicotine-free E-Liquid refers to vape juice that does not contain any nicotine at all, which are perfect for those looking to reduce their nicotine consumption. Whilst most 10ml bottles of E-Juice are pre-mixed with freebase or salt nicotine, The London Vape Company proudly offers 10ml 0mg E-Liquids that are the perfect VG/PG ratio for MTL (Mouth to Lung) vaping devices for those that wish to keep enjoying our wonderful own brand flavours in their favourite MTL device without consuming any nicotine. Everything we stock above 10ml of liquid contains 0mg (no nicotine) as per TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) guidelines, meaning that every single one of our Shortfill E-Liquids is nicotine-free! Looking to reduce your nicotine strength with customised doses? Check out our page of optional Nic Shots for use with Shortfill E-Juices, where you are the own boss of your nicotine percentage. Whilst most vapers using 50ml Shortfills will add one optional nicotine shot to create 60ml 0f 3mg E-Liquid, using less than one shot would give you a reduced nicotine content for bespoke strengths such as 1mg and 2mg. Don't want nicotine? Leave your 50ml and 100ml Shortfill E-Liquids as they are without the addition of optional nicotine shots, and your liquid will be free from nicotine. 
Without nicotine, some vapers enjoy their favourite flavours more than when they were consuming nicotine, that’s because the vapour production feels a lot smoother without the throat hit provided by the nicotine. Not sure which 0mg E-Fluid to try first? With FREE 48HR Tracked Royal Mail Delivery on purchases of £35 and over, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a selection of the finest nicotine-free liquids around! Certain exclusion apply, please see our delivery information page for more details. 


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If you’re now using no nicotine but still enjoy the habitual motion of vaping and still very much enjoy the flavours, then we’ve got a huge selection of 0mg e-liquids just waiting for you to discover!
Please note none of the Shortfill (large bottles) liquids contain NO nicotine (0mg), should you wish to add nicotine shots to increase the strength please select Nic Shots from the drop-down options on the product or alternatively check out our selection of Nicotine Shots.
10ml bottles of E-Liquid are available without nicotine as well as pre-mixed with nicotine, please select the 0mg option when adding to your cart if you wish to purchase E-Liquid which does not contain nicotine.