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Our extensive range of vape mods includes everything from budget-friendly options to the latest advanced devices with customisable modes. Whether you prefer a simple variable wattage mod or need the power of a dual-battery device, we have you covered. We also stock the biggest brands, featuring GeekVape mods, Vaporesso devices, and classics like Asprie mods. Plus, enjoy free delivery on all orders £35 and over.
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  1. 18650 Required No

    Powerful 3200mAh battery
    Adjustable wattage range of up to 80W
    Various adjustable modes
    Type C USB quick charging ability

  2. 18650 Required Yes
    Nitecore i4 Intellicharger

    Can charge up to 4x 18650's
    Can charge up to 1500mA in one slot
    100% Charging Acceleration

    IMR Battery Restoration

  3. 18650 Required Yes
    Nitecore F4 Intellicharger

    Can charge up to 4x 18650's
    Doubles as power bank
    Charge 18650's at 1A
    Power bank charges at 2A

  4. 18650 Required Yes
    Nitecore i2 Intellicharger

    Can charge up to 2x 18650's
    Can charge up to 1000mA in one slot
    100% Charging Acceleration

    IMR Battery Restoration

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What are Vape Mods? 

In their simplest description, vape mods are the source of power for your vape kit. Vape mods generate power through the battery, internal or external, and send that power to the coil inside of your vape tanks. The coil then heats up and vapourizes your e liquid, turning it into the vapour you inhale. Vaping mods can come in all shapes and sizes such as a box mod, a tube mod and even a pen mod.

Most new vapers will opt for a complete Starter Kit or Beginner vape kit, these are the most basic of vape mods using lower wattages, most of which will have no adjustability setting but will be a slender, pen style vape mod. This however doesn’t mean they are stuck with that vape mod, if they’re set on using a certain tank, as long as the vape tank has a 510 thread, there is a literal ton of alternative vape mods they can use alongside it, it's all your own personal preference. There are plenty of reasons for upgrading your vape mod. You may have found your ideal vape tank but your current vape mod isn’t providing enough power or it could be that the internal battery is coming to the end of its lifespan. That being the case the next best step would be to opt for an external battery mod. The only upkeep from there would be ensuring your 18650, 20700 or 21700 batteries are all kept in a good condition, ie. Battery wraps are kept clean with no tears and the batteries themselves have no dings or dents. With external batteries you can often achieve a much larger battery capacity meaning you won’t be running out of charge and panic trying to find a charging station for your internal battery mod. Carrying spare batteries for your external battery vape mod means you’re never without charge and can vape all day long without the hassle of waiting for you internal battery vape mod to charge. 

What are regulated vape mods? 

Most vape mods nowadays are a regulated mod, there are regulated via a chipset inside, this chipset controls the many features a vape mod is equipped with whilst also controlling power output and ensuring safety through the many features programmed into the chip. Regulated mods allow the user to vape worry free from the dangers of unregulated mods (mechanical mods). Unregulated mods (mechanical mods) are not as widely used as they once were, they can come in different shapes and sizes too like the traditional pipe mech mod, mechanical box mods and also squonk mods. They are recommended for advanced vapers as you need a wide knowledge of ohms law to vape safely on these devices. Also known as mechanical mods, unregulated mods do not have chipset inside and thus do not have the added safety of a regulated vape mod. People are attracted to Mechanical Mods because they, by far, have the greatest cloud production but must also been handled with extreme care.  

What are Pod mods? 

Pod mods are small, discreet and handy little mods that utilise pods instead of a tank. Pod mod systems can be either an “open pod system” or a “closed pod system”. With an open system, you are able to fill the pod with your own desired e liquids and nicotine strengths. A closed system will be compatible with the same branded pods, these are pre-filled with e liquid at varying nicotine strengths and different ml of e liquids too. For convenience we would suggest a closed system but, for more customisability and a more personal experience, we would recommend an open system. 

What is and what are the benefits of Variable Wattage Mode? 

Variable Wattage Mode is the easiest way to change the performance of your vape kit. Mods are equipped with a wide output range enabling you to increase or decrease your wattage level depending on your coil's resistance range. If you have a lower coil resistance, you would need to use more power to achieve the best vaping experience thus turning up the Watts. The higher your coil resistance, the lower you would turn your Watts to to achieve the best experience. You can also experiment with adjusting your wattage to find the perfect spot for both flavour and cloud production, especially with more artisan e liquids, you will find the flavour notes changing through changing the way you vape. 

What is and what are the benefits of Temperature Control Mode? 

Temperature control mode allows you to do as its namesake suggests. You can set a maximum temperature that your coils can reach, in doing so, not using such a constant high power like in wattage mode, stopping them getting too hot and burning out sooner than they should, and prolonging their lifespan. Temperature control mode is only available with certain coils using SS, Ni, or Ti materials for the wire, it’s always best to make sure the material of your coils are compatible before using Temp Control Mode. You may also find that at different temperatures, different flavour profiles will become more evident from your e liquids, it’s worth having a play with different temperatures to find what suit your vaping style the best. 

How does BYPASS mode work? 

BYPASS mode works by delivering the maximum power of your batteries to your tank at any one time. It is designed to give you a hard hitting vape and is based off the charge level of your batteries as well as the resistance of your coil. 

How does Pulse Mode work? 

Pulse mode works via a consistent pulsing at your selected wattage, this mode aims to give the user the most consistent vaping experience. Great for not only vaping at high watts but also for saving you battery life throughout the day. 

How does Memory Mode work? 

Memory mode works via a built-in memory setting on the chip that allows you to quickly change between pre-set wattage levels and output combinations. Perfect if you have a selection of tanks you like to swap between. 

What are the best vape mods for your tank? 

It’s important to consider a few things when buying a new mod for your tank. Such things include the diameter of your tank, this is to make sure your tank doesn’t overhang your mod, resulting in your mod toppling more frequently which can lead to breakage and leakage. Coil type being used, for example if your tanks coils are only capable of temp control then you would need to pick up a mod capable of that mode. Wattage requirements of your tank's coils, if your tanks coils are set at a minimum of 50w, you would need to buy a mod capable of this power and not for example buy one with a max output of 40w. 

The importance of Wattage Requirements. 

The Wattage vape settings you will set your mod to, will be determined by the wattage requirement of the coil inside you tank. Most coils nowadays have the recommended wattage on the side of the coil head themselves. It is important to stick to these recommendations as overpowering your coils can lead to a swiftly burned and dead coil, needing to be replaced much sooner than it usually should be. At the same time be careful not to under power you coil too much, whilst this can lead to prolonged coil lifespan it can lead to the spitting of hot liquid in the mouth and gurgling. Not a pleasant experience either way. 

Internal and External Battery mod devices. 

All mods require a battery to function. Some of them will have the battery inside “internal battery” and some will require an external battery. Mods with an internal battery are usually good to go from the moment you unbox them, they made need a quick charge but you can do so through the USB port connected to the device. An external battery mod will need to be bought alongside some vape batteries, these are usually an 18650, 20700 or a 21700. Whilst you can usually charge these batteries inside your mod, it’s not advised to do so as you can stress the chip inside and stress the battery cells themselves. We recommend picking up an external battery charger to prolong the life of both your brand-new mod and the batteries you got to go with it. Please note that external batteries can be volatile if not treated correctly. It is best to always carry spares in a secure case, not loose in the pocket and especially not with any metallic objects near them. Regularly check over the condition of the battery wraps for nics and tears and the batteries themselves for dings and dents. They should be replaced if they are damaged and rewrapped if torn. 

Can’t decide on your new mod? 

With there being such a wide selection of e cig mods, box mods, pod mods and vape kits on the market, it's easy to get confused. Brands such as Geek Vape, Lost Vape, Aspire and Vaproesso, all produce a good box mod and it's hard to know where to begin. Even when searching for best vape mod it can still be confusing. That’s why our friendly team are always on call to guide you through our selection of a box mod, pod mods and vape kits. You can reach us in-store, via phone or on our live chat system. We’re always on hand to help.