TPD Compliance

The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) Came into effect on the 21st of November 2016 which changed the way that the E-Cigarette industry will operate. From the 20th of May 2017, all E-Cigarette shops will be limited to what they sell and the way that they sell them. We will see a reduction in tank size to 2ml and a reduction in bottle size to 10ml. There are also restrictions coming into force regarding the advertising and packaging of bottles. All The London Vape Company’s E-Liquids are TPD compliant and you won’t see much of a difference over the coming months however all other brands that we import will either need to give us TPD compliant bottles or we will be forced to stop selling them. Most of the brands we carry are already supplying TPD compliant products however some kits and juices may disappear in the coming month replaced with safer and updated versions.

Should you have any questions regarding the Tobacco Products Directive please do just email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to answer any questions.

Questions & Answers

Q: Will I have to get rid of the mod and juice I already have?
A: No! The TPD only limits the sale and importing of mods and liquids it doesn’t restrict what you already own.

Q: 10ml?! that’s far too little! I can vape that in a day!
A: We agree! However not to worry. Most companies will be doing multipacks of their liquids and those that don’t we will most likely go ahead with our own multi buy discounts. However the TPD ignores the existence of 0mg liquids so where possible we will be purchasing 0mg in bigger bottles.

Q: What is going to change with the bottles?
A: Simply not all that much. They all need to be fitted with a child proof cap and have certain warning labels on the outside stating different warnings e.g Contains Nicotine. They also need to include a leaflet on the inside giving further information on the composition of the liquid.

Q: Will Prices change?
A: The answer to this is difficult. It is quite possible that some of the prices will change due to the cost of adding all this extra packaging to liquids. This means that some liquids may go slightly up in price however mods should stay roughly the same.

Q: If I am on holiday will I still be able to buy my vaping supplies locally or import them?
A: Again, another question that is difficult to answer. It depends where you go. Many countries have signed up to a cross border sales program meaning we can ship there and they will also be selling products like those in the UK however some countries did not sign up meaning that we will be unable to send anything there and buying products in that country will be difficult as they will be far more restrictive. However, this only applies to the EU so if you are in a different country we should be able to send you whatever you want but it depends on the laws of the country you are in.

Q. I use a dripper and/or a mech mod. How does this affect me?
A. Not at all. Drippers are not tanks so they are excluded from the TPD. The only limitation you will face will be the bottle size limitations.

Q.What Nicotine strengths are now allowed?
A. Your nicotine haven't changed much at all, thankfully! The only restriciton that has come into play is regarding 24mg juices, which is now illegal to sell under TPD limitations. All strengths from 18mg and below are accepted, and can still be purchased.