Single External Battery Mods

Single External Battery Vape Box Mods

Single External Battery Mods are the base part of traditional vaping kits which has space inside to insert one external battery used to power your device. Regardless of whether the vape is rechargeable or designed for singular-use, all vaping kits require a battery to supply electricity to the heating component within the E-Liquid Chamber, otherwise the coil would not be able to heat up and generate vapour from your E-Liquid. These types of Vape Mods require a singular separate external battery cell, as they are not manufactured with an internally built-in battery. One of the many benefits to External Battery Mods is the ability to swap out the battery from within the machine, making it more cost-effective for long-term vapers that have noticed their original external battery no longer holds as much charge as when it was first purchased. All lithium-ion batteries decay with time from the moment they are manufactured due to its rapid halflife, meaning that at some point the battery may need replacing, which cannot be done with an internally built-in battery mod. For vapers that do not wish to replace the battery within their mods, we recommend taking a look at our selection of Internally Built-In Battery Mods, as these mods will not require a separate battery. Please note that External Battery Vape Mods do not come with the battery required, and can be purchased in combination with your new mod or kit at a discounted price with the drop-down menu on each external battery mod page. We stock a variety of different size and mAh capacity batteries, from standard 18650’s to 21700’s, we’re sure you’ll find the external battery you need for your external vape mod. Want to charge more batteries? We stock a range of external battery chargers to keep you powered up! Box Mods provide a larger battery capacity compared to Pen Shape and Pod-Based Vape Kits, making them the perfect companion for vapers that are fed up of repeatedly putting their vape on charge throughout the day. These types of vaping devices are usually equipt with a multitude of customisable options to create an experience that caters to individual needs and preferences; such as adjustable output (wattage/voltage), temperature control, bypass mode, and more! At The London Vape Company we know how important it is to have a reliable vaping device that you can put faith into keeping you satisfied from your cigarette cravings throughout your busy working day, which is exactly why we host so many featured brands of vaping hardware for you to choose from. Shop from a collection of big-name brands such as Aspire, UWELL, Vaporesso, Voopoo, and many more! These industry giants have created great reputations for themselves thanks to their top tier highest quality designs made from some of the most durable yet lightweight materials to ensure that the products you are purchasing are premium and won’t let you down. Treat yourself to a regulated box mod with a single external battery and get FREE 48HR Tracked Delivery Services via The Royal Mail on orders above £35! 

Shop The London Vape Company for our huge selection of Single Battery Mods. Single battery mods are ultra-sleek and ultra-stylish whilst still giving the user the ease and convenience of being able to swap out batteries on the go so you’re never caught short without charge. We stock only the best brands in the vaping industry utilizing 18650 batteries or 20700 batteries. Bringing you the best products from the likes of Aspire, Geekvape, Vaporesso and more. If you’re looking for even more convenience, then check out our Internal Battery Mods here or if you’re in need of more power, check out our Dual Battery Mods here.

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