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Voopoo Coils have been designed by Voopoo with the intention of being used with vape kits made by Voopoo, and were not manufactured with the inclination of being cross-compatible with different brands of vaping hardware, and therefore may not fit or work in your vaping device if it was not made by Voopoo. We recommend looking amongst our array of Voopoo Pod Vape Kits to ensure you are purchasing the correct replacement coils for the correct vaping kit. Without the coils, our vaping devices are not able to function, as this is the essential component of the device which produces vapour. The battery powers up the heating element within the tank/pod/chamber to gently heat up E-Liquid to create the vapour that we then inhale and exhale. Whilst Voopoo are mostly known for their Sub-Ohm cloudy coils designed for STL (Straight to Lung) inhalation, the team at Voopoo have worked hard on creating a series of Plus-Ohm MTL (Mouth to Lung) Coils designed to perfectly replicate that sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette that ex-smokers often prefer at the start of their journey to quit smoking. 

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