E-Liquid plays a significant role in our vaping journeys, without E-Juice to refill our favourite refillable vaping kit, there would be no vapour production from your device
Our expert team of taste testers have assiduously worked towards curating the finest selection of E-Liquid flavours to fill our catalogue with hundreds and thousands of goodies just waiting to be discovered by your tastebuds. Boasting one of the widest selections of premium E-Liquor, we only stock the very best of the best to ensure that whatever you purchase from our E-Liquid range satisfies your flavour desires and caters to your every need. Featuring some of the biggest named brands within the vaping industry, we proudly stock many UK made E-Liquids as well as some fantastic contenders from overseas – all of which have been approved by the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) Guidelines as meeting the health and safety standards of the UK Vaping Laws. World renowned brands such as Zeus Juice, Wick Liquor E-Juice Co, Just Juice, and many more fan favourites accompany our highly adored House Juice 10ml E-Liquid range made by yours truly – Vape Co. 
We stock a plethora of VG/PG Ratio E-Liquids that are compatible with various different types of vaping devices, ensuring that there really is something for every type of vaper out there, whether they prefer HPG for MTL inhalation and plus-ohm coils, or HVG for STL inhalation and sub-ohm coils. Available in various sized bottles, explore our exceptional Shortfill selection of 50ml and 100ml of nicotine-free E-Liquids, which can be kept at 0mg for a nic-free experience or alternatively combined with freebase or salt base nicotine shots to give your favourite flavour a little extra boost. Speaking of salt base, if you have not seen our sensational Nic Salt 10ml selection you are missing out! These fantastic little bottles of E-Juice come pre-mixed with the same smooth salts often found within disposable vapes and pre-filled pods for a quick hit of nicotine when on-the-go. 
At The London Vape Company we understand the importance of finding that perfect E-Liquid, which is why our team is continuously trialing new and exciting flavour profile groups to further expand our catalogue whilst expanding your horizons of choice. They say variety is the spice of life, which is exactly why most of our E-Juices are available in multi-buy and bulk-buy deals to further sweeten the selection, in addition to providing free 48HR Tracked Delivery Services on orders* above £35, place your order before 4pm for same day dispatch. 
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E-Liquid FAQ's

Author - Written by Peter Smith - Vape Industry Expert

What is E-Liquid?

E liquid, also known as vape juice, is the special fluid that fills up your vape device, giving you that satisfying puff of vapour. Think of it as the heart and soul of your vaping experience. Unlike traditional cigarettes that produce smoke, e-liquids are inhaled as a vapour, making them a crucial part of vaping.

Now, let's break it down: no matter what kind of vape kit you're using – whether it's a disposable or a fancy pod kit – it all hinges on e-liquid. And guess what? There's a dazzling array of vape liquid types out there. 

This means no matter your vape kit of choice; there's a matching e-liquid waiting for you. You get to explore a universe of flavours and nicotine strengths that transform your vaping adventure – we'll get to that in a second.


What’s Vape Juice made up of?

Vape juice consists of four key ingredients that make your vaping experience unique: Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), nicotine, and flavourings. Unlike traditional smoking, no tobacco is involved, and no combustion occurs. This means you can enjoy vaping without encountering the tar or harmful substances in cigarettes.

Each component in your e-liquid serves a specific purpose. VG and PG work together to produce the visible vapour you exhale while nicotine satisfies your cravings. On its own, nicotine can have a peppery taste, which might not be very pleasant. That's where flavourings come in – the fourth ingredient that makes your e-liquid enjoyable, turning it into a tasty treat that keeps you vaping happily.


What exactly are VG and PG?

Both Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) play a vital role in your vaping experience. They create vapour, carry nicotine and flavour, and even provide that characteristic throat hit. It is that unique sensation on the back of your throat when you inhale, reminiscent of smoking a cigarette. However, they do have their differences.

PG (Propylene Glycol) is a thin liquid akin to the consistency of water. It produces less vapour but excels at carrying flavour. Additionally, it delivers a stronger throat hit.

VG (Vegetable Glycerin), on the other hand, is thicker – similar to maple syrup in texture. It generates more vapour than PG and offers a milder throat hit.

In most e-liquids, a combination of VG and PG strikes a balance. These liquids are tailored to suit various vaping kits, with varying levels of VG and PG to achieve different vaping experiences. This blend is referred to as an e-liquid's VG/PG Ratio.


What do VG/PG ratios refer to in the context of vaping?

VG and PG ratios in e-liquids determine the balance of these two essential components, with their total always adding up to 100%. For instance, if an e-liquid is 50% VG, it's also 50% PG – often known as 50/50 e-liquid. This holds true for any proportion: a 70% VG e-liquid consists of 30% PG (70/30 e-liquid), and a 40% PG e-liquid comprises 60% VG (60/40 e-liquid).

The various combinations of VG and PG serve to craft juices tailored for different types of vaping devices, resulting in specific levels of vapour production and throat sensation. The choice of VG/PG ratio hinges on the kind of device you use, and this information is provided on the product page.

Let’s get into the specifics.


50/50 and High PG E-liquid

E-liquids with a 50/50 composition or higher PG content bring about a robust throat hit and generate minimal vapour due to their fluid consistency. In simple terms, the greater the PG concentration, the stronger the throat hit, akin to the sensation from nicotine. 

These liquids suit Mouth To Lung (MTL) vaping, mirroring the way you smoke a cigarette. Drawing vapour into your mouth, then inhaling into your lungs before exhaling. MTL kits, designed for this style, feature coils with small wicking holes that demand easily absorbable e-liquids.


High VG E-liquid

High VG e-liquids, comprising 60% VG or more, create copious vapour and possess a thicker consistency. They offer a smoother throat hit compared to PG-heavy or 50/50 e-liquids. 

The inhalation technique shifts for these liquids – instead of holding vapour in your mouth, you inhale directly into your lungs, known as Direct To Lung (DTL) inhale. This differs from smoking and requires sub-ohm kits featuring coils with larger wicking holes. These kits produce substantial vapour and are well-matched with thicker juices.

In essence, VG and PG ratios are the architects of your vaping experience, determining vapour volume, throat hit, and inhalation style – all tailored to your device.


Which E-liquid is a perfect match for my vape device? 

It all comes down to the kind of kit you're rocking. The secret ingredient is the VG/PG ratio – that magical blend of ingredients that can make or break your vaping experience. 


What's the Right E-Liquid for Vape Pens and Pod Kits?

Vape pens and pod kits stand out as fantastic options, especially for beginners. With their compact size and straightforward usability, they offer a gentle introduction to the art of vaping. 

Choosing the right e-liquid for these devices is straightforward: go for a 50/50 blend or something with a high PG content. These devices have small wicking holes in their coils, so thinner e-liquids work best. As for nicotine strength, you can use anything between 0mg and 20mg.

This pairing of the kit and e-liquid produces a small amount of vapour. You'll inhale it similar to how you'd draw on a cigarette – taking the vapour into your mouth before breathing it into your lungs. These kits are also referred to as Mouth To Lung vapes due to the inhaling technique they require.


Which type of eliquid is most suitable for a Sub Ohm vape kit?

If you're using a Sub Ohm vape kit for direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping, you'll want e-liquids that create lots of vapour. These kits have coils with big wicking holes, so thicker juices are best. Opt for 70% VG e-liquids for solid vapour production or 80% VG for even more vapour. Since Sub Ohm kits consume more e-liquid, you might consider trying a shortfill.

To accommodate the increased vapour, inhale directly into your lungs instead of holding it in your mouth – this is known as direct-to-lung vaping. These kits are also called sub-ohm vape kits because they use coils with resistance below 1.0 Ohm.

For nicotine strength, stick to lower levels due to the higher vapour production. A 3mg e-liquid is recommended, although you can go up to 6mg. Anything more substantial might be too harsh on your throat.


Which type of eliquids works with prefilled vapes and disposable devices?

When it comes to prefilled vapes and disposables, there's no need to refill them. With prefilled pods, replace the pod when it's empty. Disposables are even simpler – just switch to a new device with your preferred nicotine strength and flavour.


What varieties of Nicotine are found in vape liquids?

Nicotine is commonly used in e-liquids to address cravings and help you stay away from cigarettes. While nicotine-free (0mg) vape juices are available, they aren't recommended when trying to quit smoking, as they might lead you back to cigarettes. 

However, after successfully transitioning to vaping, you can gradually reduce nicotine strength until you reach 0mg if your goal is to quit both nicotine and vaping. There are three main types of nicotine, each offering a slightly different vaping experience.


Freebase Nicotine E-liquid

Freebase nicotine e-liquid delivers a vaping experience closer to cigarette smoking, providing a stronger throat hit. The intensity of the hit increases with higher nicotine strengths. It's popular among those switching from smoking and experienced vapers seeking a sensation similar to smoking. 

Freebase nicotine comes in strengths ranging from 3mg (mild) to 18mg (strong). While it doesn't affect the body as quickly as nic salts, it stays in the body longer, helping to satisfy cravings for an extended period.


Salt Nicotine E-liquid

If you are a vaper aiming for higher nicotine levels but desiring a smoother experience with reduced throat irritation, salt nicotine e-liquids are an excellent choice. These liquids usually come in strengths ranging from 5 to 20mg (with some brands like Ohm Brew offering traditional strengths of 3 to 18mg). 

Even if you opt for a 20mg eliquid, you'll still enjoy a gentle vape. Besides delivering a milder inhale, this type of nicotine gets absorbed faster by the body, quickly satisfying cravings, although its effects don't linger as long.


Hybrid Nicotine E-liquid

Hybrid nicotine e-liquids combine both freebase and salt nicotine, providing a balanced vaping experience. They fall in between salt and freebase nicotine in terms of throat hit and craving relief. Typically available in strengths of 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg, the higher strengths offer a more pronounced throat hit.


Why do E-liquids come in different-sized bottles?

This might seem like a straightforward question, but there's more to it than just the quantity of liquid. The size of e-liquid bottles can vary for a reason related to vaping regulations. In the UK, e-liquids with nicotine can only be sold in bottles that hold a maximum of 10ml. 

If you come across larger bottles, they usually contain nicotine-free e-liquid, but there's space left to add nicotine if desired. These are known as shortfill e-liquids.


What exactly is 10ml TPD E-liquid?

A 10ml e-liquid bottle is already mixed with nicotine, making it ready for immediate use. You can find these bottles in a wide range of VG/PG ratios, flavours, and nicotine strengths. A single 10ml bottle can refill your vape kit multiple times, and with our multi-buy options, staying stocked up is simple. For many vapers, 10ml bottles are all they need.

The term "10ml juices" is often called TPD e-liquid. This relates to the Tobacco Product Directive, which governs the sale and production of vape products in the EU. This directive ensures that only tested and high-quality vape products are available in the UK market. It sets specific limits on e-liquids: those containing nicotine can't be sold in bottles larger than 10ml, and nicotine strengths can't exceed 20mg/ml.


What Is Shortfill Vape Juice?

Shortfill vape juice comes in larger bottles, typically 50ml or 100ml, and is designed for mixing with nicotine shots. These nicotine shots are flavourless 10ml e-liquids containing nicotine. Shortfills are great for devices that consume a lot of e-liquid, like Direct To Lung (DTL) vape kits. The nicotine is diluted when you mix the nicotine shot with the 0mg e-liquid in the shortfill. 

For example, adding an 18mg nicotine shot to a 50 ml shortfill creates 60 ml of 3mg e-liquid. Shortfills are often compared to cocktails – the shortfill acts as the mixer, and the nicotine shot is the spirit. They usually have a high VG concentration, although there's a growing selection of 50/50 shortfills for Mouth To Lung (MTL) kits.


Why Should I Choose The London Vape Company for My E-Liquid?

Great question! At London Vape Co, we provide the broadest range of e-liquid options in the UK, offering unique and different flavours from globally recognised vape brands. Our speedy service ensures that orders are dispatched and delivered seven days a week. You can easily explore our e-liquid collection by flavour or brand and take advantage of multi-buy offers if you want to stock up.


How to choose the right Nicotine Strength?

Selecting the right nicotine strength depends on your current smoking habits. A helpful starting point is to consider how many cigarettes you typically smoke. Check out the quick table below to assist you.

Remember, finding the perfect strength might involve trying a few options, as it varies for each person. A stronger strength could be better if your vape isn't satisfying your cravings. On the other hand, if your vape causes headaches or dizziness, a lower strength might be needed.

Average Daily Cigarettes

Recommended E-liquid Strengths

1 - 5 cigarettes

0- 6mg

5 - 10 cigarettes

6 mg

10 - 20 cigarettes

6-12 mg

20-30 cigarettes



Sub-ohm kits produce more vapour and use more e-liquid. Even if you're a 20-a-day smoker, you'll use a lower strength than in an MTL kit. For most vapers, 3mg of vape juice is effective. If you need a stronger option, it's advised not to go beyond 6mg e-liquid – higher strengths can result in a harsh, unpleasant throat hit.

Whatever strength you choose, you can easily find suitable products by filtering our e-liquid page based on nicotine strength.


How Much Does Vape Juice Typically Cost?

On average, a 10ml bottle of e-liquid can range from £2 to £4, and you can save even more with our multi-buy options. We also offer £1 vape juices, and you can discover more affordable prices in our deals section.

Once you know the cost of your preferred flavour, you can calculate your weekly vape juice expenses based on how often you refill your device. For instance, if your kit uses 2ml pods and you refill it once daily, you'll use about 14ml of e-liquid per week, requiring two 10ml bottles.


How Long Does E-Liquid Last?

Every e-liquid bottle has an expiration date, usually set for two years from the production date, as long as it's unopened. Once opened, the e-liquid remains good for up to a year, which is sufficient for most vapers. Expired e-liquids aren't harmful but might have reduced flavour and potentially lower nicotine strength.

As for how much e-liquid you'll use, it hinges on your vaping habits. New vapers in transition might use two to four 10ml bottles a week, but consumption varies. That's why we recommend having at least one extra bottle on hand.


What's Considered the Best E-Liquid Brand?

We stock a diverse range of e-liquid brands worldwide, including popular collections like Aspire, Vaporesso, Geek Vape, and Voopoo.  Determining the best brand goes beyond just experience. We recommend exploring the types of e-liquids each brand offers. 

Some specialise in shortfills or nicotine salts, while others focus on specific flavour profiles. Once you've identified your preferred brand, consider experimenting within their range. Don't hesitate to mix things up – if a new brand catches your attention, give it a try and compare.

Many of our e-liquids are available as part of multi-buy options, allowing you to mix and match favourites from the same or different ranges.


What Are the Top E-Liquid Flavours?

In our view, the best e-liquid flavour is the one that keeps you away from smoking. However, we understand that this might not offer much guidance. So, our top e-liquid guide provides more direction. As a beginner, you might prefer a familiar taste, making tobacco or menthol vape juice suitable choices.

Alternatively, you might be seeking something entirely different. Many people find success with e-liquids that don't remind them of cigarettes, leading to the popularity of fruit blends like blueberry and strawberry vape liquids. Don't avoid experimentation when selecting a flavour.


Can I Mix Different Vape Juices Together?

Certainly! You can blend two distinct flavours in your tank or combine different bottles. Feel free to channel your inner mixologist and experiment. As a starting point, here are some flavour combinations that tend to work well based on our experience:

  • Fruit & Menthol
  • Tobacco & Dessert
  • Fruit & Candy
  • Tobacco & Mint
  • Soda & Fruit

But don't limit yourself to these suggestions. If you discover exciting mixes, we'd love to know. You can always reach out to our Customer Service Team for some brainstorming.


How much should I vape?

When you switch to vaping, it's natural to wonder how much you should vape. Many people try replacing each cigarette with a few puffs from their vape.

An average cigarette takes 10-12 puffs to finish, but nicotine absorption from e-liquid vapour is less efficient than tobacco smoke. This might mean taking a few more puffs on your vape until your cravings are satisfied. Initially, you might find yourself using your vape more than you smoked – this is completely normal.

With time, vaping habits tend to change. People often move from consecutive puffs to a "grazing" approach – having 3-4 puffs, setting the vape aside, and repeating later when cravings arise.

Ultimately, it's about finding what suits you best. If 10-12 puffs work, great! If fewer puffs satisfy your cravings, don't feel obligated to reach a specific number – vape again when cravings resurface. It's all about tuning in to your body's signals.

For more information on using your vape kit and vaping in general, our beginner's Guide To vaping offers comprehensive insights.


How can I add vape juice to my kit?

Adding e-liquid to your kit varies based on the model, but most tanks are designed for top-filling. This means the upper section above the glass can be unscrewed or pushed out to access the filling port.

Pods have a slightly different approach – you can refill them by either removing the mouthpiece or taking off the small rubber insert on the side or bottom of the pod. Each vape kit includes clear instructions in the manual, and we offer guidance in our product descriptions. 

Here's a helpful tip: When filling your pod or tank, leave some space to prevent flooding of your coils.


Is it Possible to Refill a Disposable or Prefilled Pod with E-Liquid?

You don't need to refill prefilled pod kits and disposable vapes with e-liquid. With prefilled vape pods, simply swap out the empty pod for a new one, and you're good to go. As compatibility matters, ensure you use pods designed for your specific kit.

Some prefilled kits might have separate options for refillable pods. Kits like the Elf Bar Mate 500 and its refillable pod can be used with 50/50 and high PG vape juices. Disposables are even simpler – when they're empty, switch to a new device with the nicotine strength and flavour you prefer.


How to Store E-liquid properly?

Proper storage of e-liquid helps maintain its freshness over time. To achieve this, keep it away from direct sunlight and at room temperature. Ideally, store it in a cupboard or drawer. This helps preserve its quality and keeps it out of reach of children and pets. While e-liquid bottles are designed with childproof caps for safety, taking extra precautions is wise.

Exposing e-liquid to sunlight or high temperatures can lead to oxidation. Oxidised e-liquids won't harm you, but they may lose flavour and some nicotine strength. They might turn a deep brown colour and thicken, potentially rendering them unsuitable for your vape device.


Will I stop smoking if I use your products?

While many customers have reported success in reducing or quitting smoking through vaping, we cannot guarantee that our products will stop you from smoking. Individual experiences vary, and the outcome depends on your personal journey. Please note that our products are not intended as smoking cessation devices and should not be used as a means to quit smoking.


About the Sugar Content and Calories in Our Products

The vaping process involves the absorption of caloric content from ingredients like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and food additives. However, there are no clinical studies to accurately measure this absorption. 

For those mindful of their calorie intake, limiting daily use to a maximum of 30 calories per e-liquid stick at the source is advisable. If, for instance, 20% of caloric content is absorbed, this would result in a 6-calorie intake.


Vaping if Diabetic?

If you're diabetic, exercise caution with vegetable glycerin. Use it in moderation and monitor your sugar levels before and after using the product. We strongly recommend consulting your doctor or health advisor before incorporating this product into your routine.


Need any kind of Assistance Choosing E-Liquid?

Selecting your first e-liquid involves understanding your needs and focusing on the right VG/PG ratio, nicotine strength, and flavour. You can contact us for personalised recommendations if you want more insights. We are always ready to assist.


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