Sweets E-Liquids

Sweets E-Liquid treats our tastebuds to a sugary sweet wonderland of confectionary creations crafted into bespoke tuck-shop nostalgia of our childhood favourite candies. Super sherbet sharpness for a sour sensation that tickles the tongue like Only E-Liquid Fizzy Dip 50ml Shortfill, throwbacks to classic gooey gummy bears and swirls of stringy candied strawberries such as Uncle’s Vape Co Strawberry Laces 50/50 VG/PG 50ml, and blasts of bubblegum chewy delights like IVG Bubblegum Pop for an extra sweet lollipop essence. Grab yourself a bargain from our many types of sweet eliquids, from swirls of rich caramel, to double chocolate delights, we even have candied fruits for those looking to sweeten things up from their standard fruit go-to-vapes.
There’s something for every sweet-toothed vaper with The London Vape Company’s selection of Sweets E-Juices, and with free shipping on orders above £35, now is the perfect time to add a little sugar and spice and all things nice to your collection of all-day vape favourites.


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Check out The London Vape Company range of Sweet flavoured E-Liquids and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination, or more specifically, clever creations that taste like they have come straight out of the fictional factory we all know and love from our childhood days dreaming about chocolate waterfalls and gumdrop candy cane trees. Without a doubt one of the most diverse types of flavour profile within the world of vaping, sweet e juice covers a broad spectrum of various sugary delights from sour gummies to candied fruits, there is no doubt you will find the next best e fluid right here in our sweet shop paradise. Looking to add some sweetness to your E-Liquid with a “diy recipe”? Mixing various E-Juices together is a lot of fun, but don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself by combining a delicious fruit like SQZD Apple Blackcurrant with Only E-Liquid Jelly Beans for a bittersweet dark fruit and apple candy! Still not sweet enough? Why not try blending ice-cold and fruity Aisu Green Apple with a splash of IVG Bubblegum Pop for a refreshing candy-coated atomic apple bubblegum lollipop, it does not get much sweeter than that blast of nostalgia and menthol.
With free UK shipping on orders above £35 it’s the perfect time to test out these flavour combinations and create your own wonders that Willy Wonka himself would be proud of!