Apple E-Liquids

Welcome to the world of Apple E Liquids, where the essence of this beloved fruit takes center stage in the vaping community. Apple's is a popular flavour, almost everyone loves, offering a plethora of taste experiences.

The green apple provides a tangy and sharp hit, while red apple delights with its sweetness, crispness, and smoothness. Apples are incredibly versatile, harmonising beautifully with other fruits and creating unique blends and amazing flavours.

You can explore apple combinations with fruits such as pear, raspberry, blackcurrant and more. Apple e-liquids offer sweet and sharp flavours alike, or indulge in apple e-liquids that replicate delectable orchard-based desserts like apple crumble, and apple pie, the offerings are endless.

To enhance your vaping pleasure, our apple e-liquids come in varying VG/PG concentrations to deliver a thicker, more satisfying vape. We understand that vapers have diverse preferences, so we offer this delectable apple flavour in multiple nicotine-strength concentrations, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your vaping journey.

Whether you're a seasoned vaper or just starting your quitting journey, our Apple E Liquids collection is designed to cater to all. So, let's dive into the world of apple-flavoured vaping and discover the joy of this classic flavour. We at The London Vape Company provide you with the best Apple flavour e-liquids in the UK. So, what are you waiting for? Join us as we dive into the wonders of apple flavour e liquid.

Apple E-Liquids

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Benefits of Apple E-Liquid

  1. Deliciously Diverse Flavours: Apple e liquid offers a wide range of sweet flavour variations, from the light tartness of green apples to the sweet, crisp notes of red apples. This diversity allows vapers to explore various taste profiles.

  2. Versatile Mixing: Apple flavour is highly versatile and the blend pairs excellently with other fruits and desserts flavour profiles. This makes it an excellent choice for creating unique and enjoyable vape blends.

  3. All-Day Vaping: The crisp, refreshing and familiar taste of apple makes it an ideal choice for an all-day vaping experience. It doesn't overwhelm the mouth or palate, ensuring a consistently enjoyable vape.

  4. Customisable Nicotine Levels: Apple e liquid is available for purchase in various nicotine strength concentrations, catering to the preferences of both beginners and experienced vapers. You can choose the nicotine strength level that suits your vaping journey.

  5. VG/PG Flexibility: Apple e liquid comes in different VG/PG ratios, allowing you to tailor your vape experience to perfection. High VG options offer thick clouds, while higher PG ratios provide a satisfying throat hit.

  6. Satisfying Clouds: If you're a cloud chaser, mango, cherry, strawberry, cucumber, watermelon and apple e-liquids in high VG concentrations produce dense and voluminous clouds, enhancing your sweet vaping experience.

  7. Wide Availability: Apple e liquid is readily available, in stock both for purchase online instore, ensuring easy access for vapers.

Incorporate apple e liquid into your vaping routine to enjoy these key benefits and experience the delightful world of green apple flavoured vapes.

What are VG/PG concentrations?

In vaping, proportions of vegetable glycerol (VG) to propylene glycol (PG), or VG/PG ratios, are crucial. The two main base liquids that are utilised in e-liquids are these two substances. Vegetable glycerol, or VG, is a favourite among cloud chasers due to its reputation for creating dense, voluminous clouds.

Propylene glycol, or PG, gives the flavour and provides a pleasant throat hit. Vapers can personalise their vaping experience by selecting e-liquids with varying VG/PG ratios. Higher PG ratios, like 50/50, balance flavour and throat punch, while high VG percentages, like 70/30 or 80/20, can chase clouds.

Vapers also can fine-tune their tastes and get a refreshing vape experience thanks to the versatility of VG/PG concentrations, resulting in a gratifying and tailored vape experience.

What is Bar Juice?

A hugely popular brand of eliquids is Bar Juice, this brand refers to a separate category of e-liquid flavours inspired by the taste of popular disposable vape bars, such as Blue Razz Lemonade. These e-liquids are designed to mimic the flavours of disposable puff bars, offering vapers a pleasant and tasty experience.

To replicate the flavour of popular disposable vapes, bar juice e-liquids frequently incorporate fruity, citrusy, and sometimes minty ingredients. They are intended to taste like a nice disopable vape bar in a bottle.

What Sizes Do E Liquids Come In?

To meet diverse preferences and and restrictions, our E Liquids come in a range nicotine strengths in a 10ml bottle. We also offer various sizes of nicotine free shortfills. Nicotine-containing E Liquids are subject to regulations, which limit them to 10ml bottles in compliance with TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) rules. There is, however, a larger number of nicotine-free choices available for individuals who want to purchase them.

Nicotine-Free Shortfill E Liquids provide size versatility. You may buy them in bigger sizes like 10ml, 50ml, and 100ml and then add your chosen nicotine content. This enables vapers to adapt their nicotine consumption to their preferences.

Are Apple E Liquids Nicotine-Free?

Apple e liquids can be found in both nicotine-free (0mg) and nicotine-containing, mg. options. The nicotine strength varies, allowing you to choose the level that suits your preferences.

What VG/PG Ratios are Available for Apple E Liquids?

Apple e liquids come in different VG/PG ratios. You can find high VG for dense clouds and high PG for a more pronounced throat hit. The exact ratios may vary between brands.

Can I Mix Apple E Liquids with Other Flavours?

Yes, apple e liquids are often used as a base for creating custom flavour blends. You can mix them with other fruit, dessert, or menthol flavours to create unique vaping experiences.

What Flavour is Double Apple e-liquid?

Double Apple Juice is a fantastic green apple and red apple flavour with the perfectly blended for the tastiest of Apple E-Liquids, making the taste buds feel warm and the best for the vaping of every morning.