Mouth to Lung (MTL)

Shop the best mouth to lung vape tanks (MTL tank) at The London Vape Co and discover an incredible selection of the best MTL tanks on the market. An MTL tank is designed to replicate a smoking experience, making MTL vape tanks the best vape devices for anyone looking for a great device to help them quit smoking. MTL tanks are also good for flavour chasers i.e. vapers looking to maximise the flavour of their favourite e liquid.

Lung tanks have all the convenience of a refillable tank, while delivering a flavourful, hassle free vape experience. You'll find the best mouth to lung vape tanks at The London Vape Co. Browse our selection below and discover the best MTL tank for you. We stock a huge range of the best Mouth to Lung Vape Tanks from top manufacturers such and Aspire and Innokin.

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  1. Aspire Nautilus X 2ml

    2ml Capacity
    Compatible with Aspire PockeX Coils
    Compatible with Aspire Natuilus XS Coils
    Compatible with Aspire Nautilus X Coils

  2. VooPoo PNP-X Pod Tank

    2ML Capacity
    Compatible with PnP-X Coils
    Compatible with Drag S PnP-X
    Compatible with Drag X PnP-X

  3. Aspire - Nautilus 2S Tank
    Special Price £7.00 Regular Price £20.00
    Out of stock
    Aspire - Nautilus 2S Vape Tank Black

    2ml Capacity
    Includes 1x 0.4 Ohm BVC Coil
    Includes 1x 1.8 Ohm BVC Coil

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MTL Tanks

MTL tanks are a great choice for ex-smokers because they simulate smoking. You first pull vapour in to your mouth and then inhale it into your lungs, much like you would a cigarette. MTL tanks produce a lot less vapour, meaning you aren't likely to disappear into a vape cloud of your own making. But they do deliver the ultimate flavour punch because of their method of vape delivery.

Simple to use and always a great starting point for a beginner vaper, we recommend MTL tanks for those who love a delicious flavoured vape without all the extra hassle of more advanced vape kits. With an MTL vape tank, you'll get the ultimate flavour hit from your e liquid as you inhale it in, and then again when you exhale.

Lung vaping is the technique most ex-smokers employ when they start their vaping journey, because it's how they've always smoked. Mouth to lung vaping is the natural transition away from the dirty weed and towards the ultimate vaping experience. Because an MTL tank is designed for smokers looking for higher nicotine levels, you get the throat hit you crave without the bad breath or the stinky smoke odour.

MTL tanks have all the features of regular tanks: they deliver great flavour, the tank is leak proof, and they have a fully adjustable airflow. MTL kits use higher ohm coils, meaning they don't create huge clouds of vape, but they do give users the throat hit they miss from smoking. If you want more than a vape starter kit, choose an MTL tank.

Mouth to lung sub ohm tanks typically have lower power, but a higher resistance. Not only does this deliver a cool vape, but you won't burn through coils as quickly. You'll also use less e liquid each time you take a tight draw because the shorter and shallower inhales you take with MTL vaping, means you won't need to refill your tank so often. So if you're looking for a discrete, compact MTL tank for a stealth vape, you've come to the right place.

The London Vape Co has a fantastic range of mouth to lung vaping devices. Our affordable selection of mouth to lung tanks means you'll find the best MTL sub ohm tanks right here. Whether you're looking for a tight draw, more tank features, a cooler vape, a compact device, and/or single coil builds, you'll find all of this and more on this page.