Custard E-Liquids

Enjoy custard e-liquid with London Vape Co. Who doesn’t find custard comforting? With our custard e-liquid range you’ll find a selection of the tastiest dessert e-liquids that you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner. While at the sweeter end of the dessert e-liquid spectrum, custard vape juice doesn’t have to be a standalone flavour. In fact, like it’s real life culinary equivalent, vanilla custard partners with so many other flavours of e-juice, so take your time and see what you enjoy your custard e-liquid with.

Custard E-Liquids

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If you’re looking for the best custard e-liquid then you’ve come to the right place. London Vape Co are immensely proud of our custard e-liquid range. From sweet neutral, vape all day e-juices to vanilla custard tart, custard doughnut and onwards to lemon custard, we have a custard e-liquid that will get your mouth watering. Custard vape juice like real life custard just makes everything taste so much better. With hints of vanilla and a super smooth flavour, custard e-juice really is something special. Custard is such a delicious flavour that it can be enjoyed on its own or in combination with others. As a standalone e-liquid, this sweet, creamy flavour will fill your mouth with a custard cloud, but in tandem with something else, rhubarb custard or strawberry custard for example, it will elevate the taste sensation to new heights. For those who enjoy a nic shot with their vanilla custard, you can customise your e liquid nicotine strength and go from nicotine strength 0mg to 12mg. The choice is yours. If you want to enjoy creamy vanilla custard, mouth to lung, you can buy shortfill custard flavour juice for your vape kits from moreish puff, vampire vape or twelve monkeys, for example. Our range of dessert e-liquids are second to none and we are thrilled that custard e-liquid plays such a big part in our offering. So if you’re after a high quality creamy flavour of e-liquid that you can enjoy all day everyday, then look no further than London Vape Co.