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Welcome to The London Vape Co's Bubblegum E-Liquids category, where sweet dreams meet vaping reality! Our extensive selection of bubblegum e-liquids ranges from the classic bubblegum flavour to mouthwatering mixed berries and tantalising blue raspberry blends. We cater to every desire, with nicotine levels ranging from 3mg to 20mg and nicotine-free vaping alternatives. Our e-liquids are painstakingly made using the finest flavourings, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, delivering quality and delectably sweet vape.

Explore popular brands like IVG, offering a nostalgia-inducing bubblegum candy experience, or discover exotic fruit-infused bubblegum delights like watermelon, strawberry, and more. Whether you're into sub-ohm vaping, mouth to lung vaping or seeking a menthol-infused treat, our range has it all.

And don't forget, we offer free UK delivery on orders over £35. Plus, earn reward points with every purchase and share review to help fellow customers make their perfect choice. Indulge in the bubblegum goodness and relive the sweet memories with our wide selection of bubblegum e-liquids.

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IVG Bubblegum Pop 50ml

IVG Bubblegum Pop 50ml is an enticing bubblegum e-liquid that combines the memories of traditional bubblegum sweets. This nicotine-free e-liquid is ideal for fruity vape enthusiasts.

It's perfect for sub-ohm vaping because it's made with a 70% VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and 30% PG (Propylene Glycol) combination. Bubblegum Pop by IVG is a candy-inspired delicacy with a pleasantly sweet and acidic flavour profile.

This fruity and bubblegum flavour combination, available in a 50ml shortfill bottle, is a must-try for vapers searching for a tuck shop delight.

IVG Bubblegum Millions 50ml

IVG Bubblegum Millions 50ml is a delicious bubblegum e-liquid that vape lovers must try. The traditional bubblegum flavour is combined with a sweet taffy chew, to create a sweet and delicious vape.

It accommodates a broad range of tastes by offering a nicotine-free 50ml shortfill which you can add your nicotine shots to to achieve your desired nicotine strength. IVG Bubblegum Millions has a high VG (vegetable glycerin) concentration, which makes for a smooth and enjoyable sub-ohm vaping experience.

With a nostalgic candy shop vibe, this e-liquid captures the essence of childhood treats. Customers love its deliciously sweet bubblegum flavour. With 70% VG, it's perfect for cloud chasers. IVG Bubblegum Millions is a true bubblegum delight without compromising on quality.

Available for quick UK delivery, it's a top choice among fruity vapes and bubblegum enthusiasts. Don't miss the opportunity to experience this blend of nostalgia and modern flavour. Share your review and earn reward points while you savour this classic bubblegum e-liquid by IVG.

What ingredients are used in Bubblegum e liquid?

Bubblegum e-liquids are often made up of a combination of components that produce a pleasantly sweet and nostalgic flavour. Vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), and nicotine are the main ingredients of bubblegum e-liquids.

Bubblegum e-liquids are crafted to capture the essence of classic bubblegum candy and offer a satisfying vaping experience for customers who crave that sweet and familiar gum taste.