Nic Salt E-Liquid

Nic Salt E-Liquid was designed by vapers struggling to fully commit to swapping from smoking traditional cigarettes over to using an electronic cigarette powered by freebase nicotine. Silky smooth, Nic Salt E-Liquids provide incredibly potent puffs containing a high percentage of nicotine whilst maintaining a soft sensation when inhaling thanks to the addition of the salts to neutralise the acidity of traditional nicotine. The natural acidity of freebase nicotine provides a rougher throat-hit that some may find a little bit intense, especially as the harshness increased along with the nicotine strength ascension.  
Salt based nicotine first gained popularity during the JUUL era, and swiftly became a huge hit with adults that had previously been unsuccessful in quitting smoking with freebase nicotine. Unlike premixed freebase 10ml E-Liquids, Nic Salts are always made with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio base so that they work really well in mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping devices and pod-based vape kits. Looking for a smoother straight-to-lung (STL) experience? Try adding a Nic Salt Shot to your favourite Shortfill E-Liquid! We have so many Nic Salt options, we are sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for amongst our phenomenal collection of Nic Salt E-Liquids; all of which are available within our 3 for £10.50 mix and match multi-buy deal!
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What is Nicotine Salt E-Liquid?
Nicotine Salts (also known as Nic Salts, Salt Nic, or simply just Salts) came into vogue during 2015 with the rise of JUUL, although B.A.T (British American Tobacco) state that they have been using Nicotine Salts in their ePod prefilled pods in America since 2012.
These E-Liquids became a huge hit, literally, enabling vapers to increase their nicotine strength to satisfy cravings without contributing harsh sensations on the throat like traditional freebase nicotine.
Tweaking the ingredients of freebase nicotine by adding one or a combination of the following acids: lactic, benzoic, and/or levulinic helps to reduce the PH level, which creates that smooth silky sensation salts are best known for.

Why choose Nicotine Salts?
For a smoother and less bitter experience compared to traditional freebase nicotine based eliquids.
It is thought that nic salts amplify the effects of nicotine absorption within the body, therefore speeding up the rate in which the nicotine reaches the bloodstream and satisfies those cravings quicker than average freebase nicotine e liquids.
Some vapers may find themselves coughing at a high freebase nicotine strength, yet when they decrease that strength, their cravings get worse despite finding it easier to vape a lower strength. Nicotine salts gives vapers the option of increasing their nicotine strength to cope with cravings whilst simultaneously avoiding discomfort when increasing overall strength.
What strength of Nicotine Salt should I start with?
Depending on how many cigarettes one was smoking before quitting and beginning their journey with vaping, the recommended strengths vary from person to person, much like with the freebase nicotine e-liquids. Those that smoked between 0-5 a day are generally better off selecting the lowest nicotine strength option (depending on brand this can be 5mg or 10mg), whilst those smoking 5-15 a day may have better luck quitting smoking with a 10mg-20mg nicotine strength (similar to most disposable vapes on the market), and finally those smoking more than 20 a day might be better off selecting the higher strengths available.

What strength was my disposable?
Disposable vapes are generally measured in percentage of nicotine per milliliter, inspired by the American vaping market. 600 puff 2% disposables for example would contain a total of 20mg of nic salt per milliliter, which equates to roughly 50 traditional cigarettes.
Whilst disposables have made getting started quicker and easier than ever before, convenience comes at a cost, both environmentally and economically. Refillable rechargeable vape kits provide a greater range of nicotine types as well as flavours and customised vapor production that are not available within the disposable market. In our mix and match 3 for £10.50 on all brands of Nicotine Salt E-Liquid, The London Vape Company stocks a wide variety of flavour profiles, nicotine strengths, and big brands to tantalise your tastebuds with. Free delivery on orders above £35.