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Buy cola e-liquid from The London Vape Company and experience the tastiest cola flavour vape juice money can buy. From vanilla cola to lime cola, cherry cola, to the ultimate cola e liquid, The Vape Cig has a cola vape juice that will quench your thirst and rock your world. Browse our UK made selection of the best cola e liquids and enjoy a range of both high VG and high PG e liquids. No matter your preference for VG/PG ratio or whether you like your vape juice nicotine free or 3mg 6mg 12mg nicotine strength, you’ll find a cola e liquid in our midst that will tickle your tastebuds and make your senses soar. An immediately recognisable flavour, you’ll only find the best, high quality cola vape juice in our selection, all available for free UK delivery.

Cola E-Liquids

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The original taste of cola flavour comes from the combination of coca leaves and Kola nut that were once blended together to make this most popular drink. While the recipe may have changed over the years to remove the coca leaves, the sugary hit drink has remained popular the world over. If we had to describe cola e liquid, it would be the perfect blend of sweet and sour, tangy and fizzy with a refreshing aftertaste. All of which is captured perfectly in our cola e-liquids. Our range of instantly recognisable, perennially popular cola e liquid flavours can be enjoyed on their own or blended with other vape juice flavours to enhance your vape experience. From cherry cola e liquid, to vanilla e liquid, to summer fruit e liquid, there are so many flavours that are elevated with the simple addition of cola e liquid. Want to vape and chill? Then just add a hint of menthol for the ultimate cool vape. For those who are all about the sugary hit, opt for a higher wattage vape, but for those who like the more mellow notes of cola e liquid, go for a lower wattage device. Our range of cola e-liquids capture the real essence of the Western world’s favourite soft drink. A magical combination of multiple flavours including spicy vanilla and cinnamon notes, combined with citrus and sugar, make the real flavour of cola an intriguing and delicious vape sensation. The best cola e liquids are the ones that have been finely honed and carefully balanced to replicate the drink as closely as possible, without being overly synthesised. When you shop cola e liquid at The London Vape Company, you’ll find lots of e liquid flavour combinations, so wherever your tastes run, from cherry cola e liquid to lime cola e liquid, even ice cream cola e liquid, we have a cola e liquid that will have you thinking you’re drinking your cola vape. To round out your cola vape, add a little menthol e liquid into the mix in lieu of ice. That’s one tall drink of fizzy e liquid cola flavour you’re now vaping, courtesy of The London Vape Company. You’re welcome.