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Vape tanks are essential components of your vaping kit, designed to hold e-liquid and house the coil that heats it into vapour. We offer an extensive range of sub-ohm tanks for Direct To Lung (DTL) vaping and MTL tanks for more discreet vapor production. Our collection features vape tanks from top manufacturers like Aspire, and Vaporesso, along with specialist tanks from brands such as GeekVape and many more!
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  1. GeekVape Z Fli Tank TPD 2ml Capacity

    2ml Capacity
    Includes 1x 0.2 Ohm Z XM Coil
    Includes 1x 0.4 Ohm Z XM Coil
    Compatible with Z Coils and Z XM Coils

  2. Freemax Mesh Pro Tank

    2ml Capacity
    Includes 1x 0.15 Ohm KA1 Single Mesh Coil
    Includes 1x 0.2 Ohm KA1 Double Mesh Coil
    Compatible with Freemax Mesh Pro Coils

  3. Aspire Nautilus X 2ml

    2ml Capacity
    Compatible with Aspire PockeX Coils
    Compatible with Aspire Natuilus XS Coils
    Compatible with Aspire Nautilus X Coils

  4. Freemax Fireluke 3 Tank

    2ml Capacity
    Includes 1 x 0.2 OHM 904L X2 Mesh Coil (pre-installed)
    Includes 1 x 0.15 OHM 904L X2 Mesh Coil


  5. VooPoo PNP-X Pod Tank

    2ML Capacity
    Compatible with PnP-X Coils
    Compatible with Drag S PnP-X
    Compatible with Drag X PnP-X

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What are Vape Tanks?  

Vape tanks are the component of a vape kit that holds the e liquid. Also contained inside a vape tank is a vape coil containing wicking material, this is the component that vapourizes the e liquid turning in to the vapour you inhale. All complete vape kits will come with a vape tank included, that’s doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it though. If you’re not happy with the included vape tank, provided your vape mod has a 510 connection, there are plenty of other vape tanks that will be compatible with your vape mod. As long as your vape mod can provide suitable power to the new vape tank, you can choose almost any vape tank you like. Meaning you can really customise your vaping style and vaping experience to suit you.  

How do vape tanks work?  

All vape tanks, big or small, will contain a heating element called a coil. Your mod, whether external battery or internal battery powered will send power to the coil through the 510 connection and that power is converted to heat. The heat produced by the coil will then vapourize your e liquids turning in to the vapour you inhale. Coils all have a shelf life though so keep an eye out for the key indicators that your vape coil will need to be replaced. These include, reduced flavour, a burnt taste, leaking or nonfunctioning at all. Thats when it's time for coil changes.  Always use compatible coils with the required coil resistance or you may have some hiccups in your vaping journey.

What’s the right vape tank for you? 

With such a huge selection of vape tanks available on the market, it can be a tough decision on which one to buy. The first step is to decide what type of vaping experience you would want, what vaping style fits you the best?  

Mouth to lung tanks. MTL. Above Ohm.

Do you want to replicate that of smoking a cigarette? If that’s the case the best type of vape tank to go for would be a MTL vape tank or mouth to lung. With these tanks, you first draw the vapour into your mouth and then inhale the vapour to your lungs hence mouth to lung tank. These vape tanks do not produce huge vapour clouds, they are designed for the opposite. With smaller could production comes the ability to use a higher nicotine strength which is perfect for someone looking for a discreet vape or just starting to quit smoking, and start their vaping journey. If you're a new starter, consider browsing our starter kits.

Direct to lung tanks. DTL. Sub Ohm. 

If it’s huge vapour production, dense vapour and intense flavour you’re after then a Sub Ohm tank, Direct to lung or DTL tank is what you need. Sub Ohm tanks allow for a direct to lung vaping style, not too dissimilar from a shisha. With sub ohm tanks you inhale the vapour directly into your lungs instead of first drawing the vapour into your mouth like with a mouth to lung tank. Sub ohm tanks are named so as the coils they use will be below 1.0 ohm in resistance. With larger cloud production comes the ability to drastically drop your nicotine strength through the style of inhalation. 

Vape tanks have many common features. 

Some features included in a wide variety of vape tanks will include the likes of adjustable airflow control or AFC, this allows for the user to restrict or loosen up the draw of the tank to their desire. What this means is with a tighter airflow setting, your vape cloud will be smaller but will have a more intense flavour. With a looser draw, you will create more vapour clouds but sacrifice a bit of flavour to achieve this. On top of cloud production adjustable airflow can also adjust throat hit from nicotine, again tighter means a stronger throat hit as its closer to a mouth to lung draw and looser means less of a throat hit as its closer to sub ohm vaping. 

Another key feature of vape tanks is a top filling mechanism; this makes filling tanks a breeze. Gone are the days of messy fingers or a messy work surface from the draconic bottom fill systems. Most tanks nowadays feature a top fill design, be it fully removing the top cap or a nifty sliding mechanism. Top filling is becoming the more predominant system. 

What’s the best vape tank for you? 

That’s a tough question, it all depends on your needs and what you’re looking to achieve from your vape tank. If you're unsure whether its a MTL vape tank or a sub ohm vape tank you need, or even a rebuildable atomiser, our friendly team are always on call to guide you through our large selection of vape tanks. You can reach us in-store, via phone or on our live chat system. We’re always on hand to help.

What's the best MTL vape tank? 

Whilst a mouth to lung tank is perfect for a new vaper, they are hugely popular with vaper who a looking for a stronger throat hit, who want to be more discreet when vaping or can’t get on with sub ohm vape tanks. Higher nicotine allowance means a stronger throat hit and some vapers stay with that hit until they’re finally ready to give up altogether. High PG e liquid is also recommended for use in a mouth to lung tank as it’s easier for above ohm coils to vapourize, thus resulting in a smooth mouth to lung vaping experience. If you're struggling to make a choice you can reach us in-store, via phone or on our live chat system. We’re always on hand to help.

What’s the best Sub Ohm vape Tank? 

Sub Ohm vape tanks are the go to choice if you’re looking for huge vapour production and are wanting to drop your nicotine strength. As these tanks produce such a large quantity of vapour it’s best to opt for a lower nicotine strength resulting in a smoother sub ohm vaping experience. High VG e liquids are recommended for use in a sub ohm vape tank as too thin a liquid will not only be hard on your throat nut may also leak from your tank. With so many sub ohm tanks available on the market it can get a but confusing, that’s why our friendly team are always on call to guide you through our large selection of sub ohm tanks. You can reach us in-store, via phone or on our live chat system. We’re always on hand to help.