Straight to Lung (STL)

Straight to Lung refers to the inhalation technique used to replicate the sensation of shisha pipes and cigars, with its less restrictive aerated airflow and sub-ohm cloudy coils for a smooth and satisfying experience. Straight to Lung (STL) vape tanks are perfect for thicker (HVG) ratio E-Liquids, making your favourite flavours taste stronger than ever before through a higher wattage and vapour production. Shop the best sub ohm tanks at The London Vape Co. Designed to create huge clouds and deliver intense flavour in every mouthful, sub ohm vaping is what you've been looking for.
Sub ohm tanks used to be for just expert vapers, but now they're perfect for even complete beginners. If you're a cloud chasing vaper looking to disappear into a cloud of your own making, a sub ohm vape is the one you need. A sub ohm vape device won't overwhelm you but it will deliver the best flavour and cloud producing experience. Browse our range of sub ohm tanks and discover a world of tank features you didn't even know you needed.

You'll find the best sub ohm vape tank right here, at The London Vape Co. We have vape tanks already set up for you, for a hassle free vape. We also offer a range of sub ohm tanks perfect for advanced users. Discover your next sub ohm vape tank below.

Mouth to Lung Tanks Vape Coils

18 Items

  1. Freemax Mesh Pro Tank

    2ml Capacity
    Includes 1x 0.15 Ohm KA1 Single Mesh Coil
    Includes 1x 0.2 Ohm KA1 Double Mesh Coil
    Compatible with Freemax Mesh Pro Coils

  2. Freemax Fireluke 3 Tank

    2ml Capacity
    Includes 1 x 0.2 OHM 904L X2 Mesh Coil (pre-installed)
    Includes 1 x 0.15 OHM 904L X2 Mesh Coil


  3. VooPoo PNP-X Pod Tank

    2ML Capacity
    Compatible with PnP-X Coils
    Compatible with Drag S PnP-X
    Compatible with Drag X PnP-X

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What are sub ohm tanks? 

Sub ohm tanks use coils that are below 1.0 Ohm in resistance, meaning the low coil resistance and high ampere currents produce huge vapour clouds. A sub ohm tank should always be filled with a high VG e liquid for maximum vape cloud, and the best flavour hit.

What is the best sub ohm vape tank?

The best sub ohm tanks have a range of tank features including an adjustable airflow because the more air you get through your tank, the bigger the clouds will be, guaranteeing maximum vapour production. However, if it's an incredible flavour you're after, less air in the device means the vapour will stay in your system, delivering great flavour every time.

For the ultimate vaping experience, browse our range of sub ohm vape mods. We have a selection that will suit all budgets and cater for all vaping needs without having to pay for a more experienced device.

We have tanks that don't need constant dripping. We have tanks with an easy e juice filling system. Vaping has never been so simple. Once you've tried a sub ohm tank, you won't go back to electronic cigarettes.

The London Vape Co stock sub ohm tanks from a wide range of manufacturers including Aspire, Vaporesso and Freemax.

Can I use any sub ohm tank?

Whether you're an absolute beginner or a more advanced vaper, anyone can use and enjoy a sub ohm tank.

We have a range of tanks that will meet your needs and then some. From top fill, to mouth to lung tanks. High power tanks that support dtl vaping. Vape kits that guarantee enormous cloud production, we have the vape kit solution you're after.

Check out our incredible range of the best sub ohm tanks right here and enjoy your next sub ohm vaping experience from The London Vape Co.

Don't forget you get free UK delivery on us when you spend over £35 on vaping products. Need help deciding which sub ohm vape tank is right for you? Contact our friendly team of experts today and find the best sub ohm tank at The London Vape Co.