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External Battery Cells are the source of power for External Battery Mods and Kits, which unlike internally built-in battery mods and kits, require separate batteries to be inserted prior to use. Please note that External Battery Mods and External Battery Kits do not come with the external battery cells required, but can be added to your new Mod or new Kit at a discounted price using the drop-down menus on the product pages. Experienced vapers know all too well the perils of battery life depletion, in which the battery capacity diminishes over time due to the half-life of lithium-ion cells. One of the many benefits of external batteries is the ability to replace them once they can no longer hold their charge efficiently. Those wishing to discover the “eternal battery life” in which their device never dies can benefit from external batteries and external battery chargers to ensure they’re always powered up throughout the day. Shop our fine selection of external batteries of all shapes and sizes, from 18650’s to 21700’s, we’ve got it all! Let’s not forget about the external battery chargers, they are a vaper’s best friend when it comes to ensuring external batteries are fully charged and at a safe ampage. Regulated chargers give us peace of mind when putting our batteries on charge, the safety features and high-quality materials used to make them are reassuring when we need some power. Not sure which size external battery you require for your device? Check out our pages for Single External Battery Mods and Dual External Battery Mods to make sure you are purchasing the correct type of battery for your vaping device. Treat yourself to a new set of batteries and get FREE 48HR Tracked Delivery Services via The Royal Mail on orders above £35! 

Battery Safety: 
Keep your external batteries safe with protective plastic casing to ensure they do not make a connection with any loose metal such as coins and keys; do not store batteries loose in pockets, backpacks, or purses to avoid damaging them. 
Make sure to take care of your batteries by checking the exterior wrapping for any tears and dents, replace them as soon as possible if the protective wrapping has become damaged or if the battery is hot and making a noise. 
When your batteries are fully charged, remove them from the charging unit or charging cable. It is essential that batteries are monitored whilst charging to ensure safety, do not leave charging batteries unattended.