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June 27, 2017 Vaping in review: The important events you need to know about
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Vaping in review: The important events you need to know about

In the last few years, vaping has gone from an underground, often overlooked activity, to the biggest competitor to the tobacco industry. Around the world, millions of people are trading smoking for vaping, and vaping is growing in strength each day.

The last few years have been eventful for vaping, with overwhelmingly positive clinical studies, research data and new trading standards that make vaping safer for everyone.

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New taxes on e-cigarettes threaten small vaping businesses in the US

Healthcare is an important part of any government’s responsibility to its people, which is why the $12 million being raised as part of a proposed healthcare bill in the US is something that will be welcomed in many quarters. However, there are two things that pique our interest here at The London Vape Company – the first being that for a country the size of the US, that has a population of over 300m, this sum seems practically insignificant, unable to even scratch the surface of any healthcare issue, and the second is the bill’s targeting of e-cigarettes.

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