1. 10 Ways to Quit Smoking for Good

    10 Ways to Quit Smoking for Good

    As we stand at the start of a new decade, many of us will be thinking of making changes to the way we live. It could be a new career, selling your house to travel the world, kicking the habit, hitting the gym… the list could go on. Self-improvement is not be mocked but it can be hard to do. Because habits die hard. Just how do you make a big change like giving up smoking and letting tobacco go altogether? It’s all to do with facing your fears…

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  2. The effects of disposable vapes on the planet.

    The effects of disposable vapes on the planet.
    As a society we have endeavoured to limit the damage we are causing to our environment, with actions such as the banning of plastic straws, reducing consumption of single use plastics, and charging for the use of plastic carrier bags.
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  3. Quitters: Peter

    Quitters: Peter

    At the London Vape Co, we like to follow our customers progress, to ensure they find quitting as easy and pain free as possible.

    Our Quitters series lets you tell us about your journey, from the highs, to the lows, and everything in between.

    This week, we were lucky enough to hear Peter's story, which is one which many smokers can relate to!

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  4. Quitters: Amy and Anil

    Quitters: Amy and Anil

    Vaping has provided a means for so many of us to throw away a terrible, harmful and expensive habit. The journey to finally ditching that last pack of cigarettes can be a painful, unpleasant path, but a healthier life is worth it.

    We take great pride in our business, particularly how it's been on the forefront of a new generation of smokers who have finally been able to free themselves of cigarettes. And we want the world to know that they won.

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