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  • Vape the pounds away: Can Vaping be a key tool in fighting obesity?

    Obesity is a dirty little word that follows around most major powers in the world, as we all try to balance readily available garbage food with growing inactivity.

    The result? We as a people are getting considerably fatter, and our health is declining. Despite what some people may tell you, this is a big, big problem.

    However, Vaping is having some unexpected side effects which could make a significant impact on our waistlines. That being how flavoured liquids seem to be reducing user's cravings for naughty treats and fatty snacks.

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  • 42% of US smokers successfully quit with E-Cigarettes

    Despite the fact that vaping is still unrecognised as a smoking cessation tool in the US, it seems that the public's actions drastically  contradict political opinion.

    The Department of Family Medicine and Public Health of the University of California and the National Cancer Institute recently announced the results of a domestic study of US smokers, with the aim to better understand what effect e-cigarettes are having on cessation rates.

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  • Vaping saves lives, so why is the industry still stigmatised?

    Vaping once again finds solid grounds with the medical bodies of the world, as Public Health England announces that the UK is now seeing the least amount of people smoking in years. And they believe that vaping is key, so why is the vaping industry treated so poorly in world politics?

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  • Vaping helps 18,000 extra people quit in 2015

    E-cigarettes go hand in hand with controversy, often fuelled by uninformed speculation, but actual definitive research is few and far between. This can make the available information for would-be vapers at best confusing, but at worst contradictory.

    However, more and more research is slowly providing a clear picture of how the vaping industry is changing the face of smoking, and the verdict is extremely positive.

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  • Vaping and the new smoking culture

    The smoking culture is one of those dirty little terms that follows around users of tobacco products. Socialised smoking, smoking areas and other day to day realities of being a smoker often walk hand in hand with accusations of antisocial behaviour and less than favourable representations.

    But then came vaping, a healthier alternative to smoking, which manages to trade off the negative aspects of smoking without reducing the satisfaction. But does the negative stigma attributed to smokers carry over to vapers?

    Well, that is the definition of a yes/no question.

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  • The Vape Co celebrates Reserves Day!

    When the boss walks in the door wearing a beret and camo, your company has either begun a very aggressive stance on competition, or you might just be witnessing the first steps of celebrating Reserves Day.

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  • Meet the staff: Maria

    Come one, come all, join us as we venture back in the dusty annuls of the Vape Co staff.

    Today we look right up the hierarchical chain, all the way to senior management, a dark place not usually deemed suitable for the eyes of mortal men. Today, we talk about our boss, Maria (Doyourjobious Shutyourfaceious).

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  • Meet the staff: Matt

    Welcome Vape Co customers, welcome to the biographical event of the year:

    The London Vape Co's Meet the Staff

    We begin our journey with one of the most mysterious and confounding examples of a Vape Co employee; Matthew (Hyperactivus Redbullious).

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  • We now offer Defence Discount and Blue Lights service!

    All of us here at the London Vape Company have a deep respect for the people that put themselves at risk in order to keep us safe, and we feel that we owe a debt to the hardworking men and women of the armed forces. So we are pleased to announce we will now begin offering the Defence Discount and Blue Lights service.

    For the uninitiated, the DDS and BLS allows members of the Armed Forces and the public service community to gain access to unique discounts via a membership card. We join hundreds of other like-minded businesses in an effort to show some love for our hardworking military friends. With the London Vape Co, your membership will grant and immediate 10% discount on any transaction.

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  • The Tobacco Products Directive: Taking the good with the bad
    Image: WikiCommons Image: WikiCommons

    As you all might know, the European Union released new controls on vaping recently, which comes with a whole host of restrictions around what you can and cannot buy. There has been a huge backlash again the polices, but we aren't here to start banging the war drums.

    The Tobacco Products Directive is here to stay, and we need to start looking at what it can do for us in the UK rather than what it may be taking away.

    But first lets look at why it happened. Why has vaping been hit with these controls after numerous medical bodies have gone on record saying that vaping is the best way to safely quit smoking? The reality of the matter is that we don't have a clear answer, but we can speculate.

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