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  • The Tobacco Products Directive: Taking the good with the bad
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    As you all might know, the European Union released new controls on vaping recently, which comes with a whole host of restrictions around what you can and cannot buy. There has been a huge backlash again the polices, but we aren't here to start banging the war drums.

    The Tobacco Products Directive is here to stay, and we need to start looking at what it can do for us in the UK rather than what it may be taking away.

    But first lets look at why it happened. Why has vaping been hit with these controls after numerous medical bodies have gone on record saying that vaping is the best way to safely quit smoking? The reality of the matter is that we don't have a clear answer, but we can speculate.

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  • How does the industry feel about the change to regulation? City AM Quote our CEO


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  • CITY AM Quotes Anthony Mixides CEO of The London Vape Co


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    With one day to go before the introduction of the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)the CEO of The London Vape Company has branded the directive as discriminatory which unfairly groups vaping with traditional tobacco smoking.

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  • CEO Anthony Mixides interview on Sky News



    Anthony Mixides CEO of The London Vape Company reacting to the recent Royal College of Physicians (RCP) report on E-cigarettes said:

    We welcome the findings of the Royal College of Physicians, which underlines that e-cigarettes are inherently a healthier form of smoking than traditional tobacco cigarettes. The report clearly states "Smokers should be reassured that these products can help them quit all tobacco use forever." E-cigarettes we believe is the most effective solution to stop people smoking. On a daily basis our retail outlets across London are showing growing numbers of people switching to e-cigarettes in an attempt to lead healthier lives.


  • What you might have missed at our Enfield Vaping competition

    Last Friday we held a huge competition event in our Enfield branch, which brought together our beloved community of vaping aficionados for the chance to win some amazing prizes. The music played loud, the clouds flew thick and an inhuman amount of KitKats were consumed with reckless abandon.


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  • Vapor Voice - The Big Vape April 2016 Edition

    Managing Director Anthony Mixides interview in Vapor Voice April 2016 Edition

  • What is temperature control vaping?

    We often get asked about temperature sensing in vaping and temperature control vaping; what is it, how do I get started and why should I consider it? Well, hopefully we should be able to clear some of that up for you today!

    Temperature sensing is a solution to a number of issues that users sometimes experience when sub ohming. It can be easy to set the temperature too high for your coil, leading to dry throat hits and worse, a horrifically burnt taste which tends to linger.  With temperature sensing the goal is simple, set the temperature your device will heat the coil to and making sure that you are getting a smooth, clear and exceptionally tasty vape.

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  • The Vape Revolution

    The Vape RevolutionWe all know how hard it can be to give up smoking. In the last few years the alternatives have been unattractive or ineffective for many looking to quit. But thanks to new advances in technology the answer has arrived.

    Vaping has been around longer than you may think. The birth of the modern day electronic cigarette can be traced back to 1963, but has only recently received the attention it deserves. Vaping was reintroduced to the market in 2004 and with it their popularity has drastically increased. There are around 2.1 million vapers currently in the UK with no signs of this growth slowing down. Vaping is currently the most popular form of quitting aid in the UK. And the reason why is quite simple; it works.  

    The technology behind a simple vape pen requires only a small series of parts such as a battery and an atomizer which are used to heat up a liquid containing nicotine. This liquid, when heated, becomes water vapour that provides the same sensation or 'throat hit' and flavour that a cigarette would. Unlike traditional tobacco based products, e-cigarettes do not contain numerous harmful chemicals that can lead to heart disease, lung cancer and strokes. Furthermore, a recent study by the NHS proved that vaping is in fact 95% less harmful than smoking, and encouraged a wide spread adoption of the technology. The results were so impressive that the NHS may even begin prescribing usage to patients. Our store manager Anil was interviewed by BBC London when this announcement was made, listen below:

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  • E-cigarettes winning over hundreds of thousands of smokers, and with good reason

    It seems that the anti-e-cigarette campaign has resulted in mixed feelings from the public at large, for while a greater number of people now believe that e-cigarettes are more harmful than smoking – 22%, up from last year’s result of 15% – according to Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), up to half a million new vapers have joined the community, bringing it up to a whopping 2.6 million strong in the UK alone. So, as the nation becomes ever more polarised on the subject, what has driven these numbers and who should be believed?

    E-cigarettes winning over hundreds of thousands of smokers, and with good reason


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