Aspire Coils

Aspire Coils have been designed by Aspire for various vaping machines created by Aspire, and have not been created with the intention of being cross-compatible with alternative brands of vaping hardware, which means that coils made by Aspire may not be suitable for your machine, and we recommend taking a look at our selection of Aspire Tanks, Kits, and Pod-Based Vapes to ensure that you are purchasing the correct replacement coils for the correct devices. Coils are an essential part of your vaping device, whether it’s a removeable coil or a fixed coil, these parts will need replacing roughly every 1-2 weeks when it starts to taste burnt rather than like delicious E-Liquid. Some devices have a section of the E-Liquid chamber where a coil can be removed and installed, whilst others may be more disposable in nature and require the entire E-Liquid chamber to be replaced once the coil within is no longer functional. Indications that the coil requires replacement include an increase of the harshness to the inhalation sensation, a burning taste, E-Liquid seepage from the coil, or discolouration of the E-Juice within the device from the coil wicking ports. 

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