The London Vape Co. Juice Timeline

We here at the Vape Co pride ourselves on our extensive and frequently updated range of e-liquids. Our partners have helped us to become one the highest rated eliquid stores in the UK, and keep our customers smoke free with their phenomenal selection of gourmet juices.

We started with a limited range over three years ago, but soon expanded our selection to include some of the finest e-liquids on the market. We began with the world famous American Element e-juice, giving us our first bestseller; Pink Lemonade! It was an E Liquid shop’s dream!

But our fans wanted more, and we provided, as any good eliquid store should! Soon we took on Scott’s in 2015, bringing with it the UK’s favourite custard flavours and many unique spins on classic drinks like Cherry cola! Scott’s soon became one of our most hotly demanded options in our store!

And if that wasn’t enough, only shortly after, we picked up a little know brand that exploded in popularity. That was Wick Liquor. If you’ve ever been into our stores, you’ll know Wick Liquor is easily our top e-liquid, selling out across the country to our customers who quickly fell in love with the brand’s uniquely refreshing profile. Boulevard is still our champion, and likely will be for the foreseeable future!

But we were working on something ourselves, something to show we’re committed to being the best E Liquid shop in the Uk. In 2016, the Vape Co unleashed the beloved Dragon Range, a home brew of fresh fruits and deserts. We love them, our customers love them and they’ve help us to expand our brand, ensuring we only sell the best in the business. Our eliquid stores are ever changing and always updating our selection of the coolest juices on the market!

So what are you waiting for! Drop in and check out our range of awesome e-liquids today!


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