Vape Co Franchise

Vape Co Franchise

Who we are and why choose us:

The London Vape company began its rise to prominence as a single, family run store in Barnet. In the space of three years, this had grown to 4 stores around London and a thriving online sales hub. From 2014 to 2017, our company saw a 13,000% increase in total revenue, making us one of the largest e-cigarette retailers in the UK.

We have built our brand upon excellent customer service, quality of life consolations and an honest, welcoming ethos. Anywhere you can find our stores, you’ll also find a large community of loyal customers who have had their lives changed by our company.


E-cigarettes Vs cigarettes:

Discover the difference between e-cigarettes and cigarettes by watching the video produced by Public Health England.

E-cigarettes are the UK's most popular quitting aid with almost 3 million adult users. Of these, 1.5 million have stopped smoking completely. The UK now has the second lowest smoking rate in Europe. There is abundant evidence that e-cigarettes are a key feature in this success. Read more about the importance of clearing up the myths around e-cigarettes by clicking here.


With five stores in total, and the opportunity of endless yearly growth, we are looking for new members of the London Vape Co family to help us grow even more!

We’re offering a franchising opportunity that puts you at the centre of London’s fastest growing vaping company.

13,000% Increase in total
revenue from 2014 - 2017
4 stores around london and
a thriving online hub
Excellent customer service &
a loyal customer base

What is franchising?

Franchising allows you to take a more practical approach to investment in our company. By choosing to become a partner, you gain access to the use of the beloved London Vape Company brand, products and an extensive support network that will guide you every step of the way as you begin a long, and successful Vaping franchise.

What this means for you is that you can run your very own vaping store with a serious head start on the competition. With a history of success, strong brand partnerships and an excellent support network, you’ll be in safe hands.


Benefits to partnering

Your own choice of operating site. We’ll help you secure an ideal location for foot-traffic and revenue.
We’ll kit-out your store! Once you’ve chosen your spot, we’ll setup the store from top to bottom to make sure it’s up to the London Vape Company’s high standards.
Gain access to the London Vape Company’s brand. You’ll receive the right to trade under a well-known and successful brand name.
We’ll get you trained up! We’re with you every step of the way, from introductory training covering the basics of running one of our stores, to in depth tutorials on using our software and boosting your high-street presence.
Access to top of the line retail software. With our Vend EPOS kit, HR resources and online systems, you’ll be set for tackling the vaping retail market!
Industry leading brands and E-liquid.
National marketing campaigns.
Website parity and publicity.
An excellent support network, offering buying, retail and TPD experience.
Access to marketing collateral.

What you need

You need to have a passion for business and vaping, but also the drive to keep pushing to be the best of the best. Vaping is a competitive market, and requires hardworking and highly motivated leaders. The ideal candidate would be someone with experience in the vaping industry, who also has evidence of success in operating an independent managerial position in retail.

Becoming a franchisee requires an initial cost which covers the full spectrum of partnership benefits, as well as a large initial stock delivery. There will be an additional cost which will vary based on the size and condition of your new store.


The steps


We will assess all candidates, looking for strong business knowledge and an ability to meet the London Vape Co's operating standards. You must also be able to cover the initial fees. Once we've decided you're a good fit, you'll be invited to sign our franchise contract!

Location selection

With the first step out of the way, now is the time to pick your shop! We'll work directly with you to find the best and most suitable location available. Together, we will find the perfect balance between footfall and ease of access, ensuring you have the best starting point possible!


At every stage of your development, from a brand-new starter to a veteran London Vape Co franchisee, we'll offer extensive and personal training programmes to keep you able to maximise your abilities.

Shop outfitting

With an awesome location picked, your new shop needs to be setup properly! Our expert team will organise your store based on our company guidelines, installing EPOS, payment and other necessary equipment to get you started immediately.


Worried about recruiting new staff? No problem, that’s on us! We'll find you the best candidates for your new store!


You've got your shop, you're trained and it's time to get selling. We'll organise an exclusive launch day event to make sure everyone knows you're ready for business! Our marketing and public relation team will work on a number of launch materials for you, while our executives will prepare a development plan and budget to prepare you for your first steps into the business.

Ready to get started?
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