Vaporesso Xros Pro Pod Vape Kit

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2ml Pod Capacity
Button Activated
Inhale Acivated
1200mAh Built in battery
Compatible with Xros Pods

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Xros Pro Pod Vape Kit by Vaporesso takes the Xros Series to new heights with this extraordinary professional edition of the Pod-Based Vaping Device that critics across the world cannot stop talking about. Vaporesso has strived for excellence and reached that goal with the technological advancements they have assembled into the design and functionality of the Xros Pro Pod Kit.   A vaping industry first, Vaporesso have implemented a slide-lock button to protect from potential accidentally button clicks in your pocket. Switch Lock Technology gives us peace of mind, knowing that our vaping devices are unable to misfire or turn on by accidental button presses within a pocket, thanks to the simplistic yet essential Switch Lock on the side of the Xros Pro Device. Flip the switch down to unlock and up to lock, it’s as easy as that! The inhalation activation auto draw continues to work whilst the device is locked, enabling use of the device without unlocking the buttons. Technological improvements don’t stop there, Vaporesso have kitted the Xros Pro with their Axon Chip, making it their first non-box mod kit to feature Super Pulse Mode for the most consistent vapour output regardless of current battery capacity, meaning that your puffs won’t start to feel weaker as the device runs low on power. Super Pulse Mode perfectly complements the newest addition to the Xros Pod family: a STL/DTL (Straight to Lung / Direct to Lung) Sub-Ohm 0.4ohm meshed coil, capable of vapourising 70/30 VG/PG Ratio E-Liquids with ease, producing gorgeous flavours thanks to the COREX Heating Technology, comprising of the iconic patented Morph-Mesh coil structural design for increased temperatures and a blend of incredibly porous microfibre cumulus cotton to help avoid dry hits by allowing E-Liquid to absorb towards the center of the coil more easily. Unlike any other Pod Kit within the Xros Series, the Xros Pro Pod Kit has a display screen full of useful information to improve your vaping experience, such as a battery life indicator, a puff counter, and wattage/setting display. This intuitive little machine is able to immediately read the Xros Pod inserted thanks to the Axon Chip Technology, and automatically adjusts the settings to accommodate for the best vapour output for the pod inserted into the device. These small yet mighty pods pack a punch with billows of beautiful flavour from massive clouds of vapour. When the new 0.4ohm meshed Xros Pod is inserted within the Xros Pro Pod Kit, the screen will display the best wattage it recommends for the fixed-coil within the pod, and automatically enter the Super Pulse Power Mode, where the wattage can be altered to personal preference. Thanks to this adjustable power setting on the Xros Pro Vape, you can choose to either vape at the automatically adjusted wattage the machine selects upon reading the new pod, or alternatively adjust the wattage with three clicks of the button to enter wattage adjustment mode, followed by individual clicks to cycle through wattage options in stages of 0.5W. Swapping between the different Xros Pods available within the Series will trigger a response from the chipset to adjust the output based on what the ohm of the coil within each pod will run best at for the longest lasting coil life and best tasting vapour production achievable, even remembering personalised settings previously selected for the 0.4ohm Meshed Pod. 

With a maximum wattage of 30W and a minimum wattage of 15W increasing in 0.5W increments to enable vapers to customise their output to reflect the vapour production that feels most comfortable for them to inhale. Whilst the new 0.4ohm meshed Xros Pod works best at 25W, vapers looking for a stronger hit can increase the wattage, and vapers looking for a weaker hit can decrease the wattage.  Changing over to an alternative ohm pod will also amend the settings available upon clicking the firing button three times. Whilst the 0.4ohm meshed coil pods will open the menu for adjusting the wattage, inserting a 1.0ohm pod and clicking the firing button three times will present an alternative menu where there are choices between Normal Mode (replicating the automatic output of previous Xros Pod Vape Kits), Eco Mode (battery life conservation), or the Power Mode (Super Pulse).  Boasting an internally built-in battery capacity of 1200mAh, the Xros Pro has the longest lasting battery life amongst all the Xros Pod Vape Kits. In addition to having a larger built-in battery, the Xros Pro can be fast charged at 2aMp, meaning less time to wait until the vape is ready for use again. Upon plugging in the USB C Charging Cable, the screen will display the estimated charging time until the device is ready for use again, monitoring your battery capacity whilst on charge much more accurately than with the previous Xros Pod Vape Kits whilst used lights to indicate estimated charging time remaining. For vapers that have grown accustomed to the RBG (Red Blue Green) Lighting system for battery capacity indication, clicking the firing button two times opens a menu to turn the RBG Lighting on or off, giving you the choice of having it on for quick power monitoring or off for battery life conservation.  Customising your ideal vaping experience does not end there! The Xros Pro Pod Kit features an airflow adjustment slider on the back of the device to increase or decrease the amount of air that can enter the pod when inhaling, giving vapers even more options to match their inhalation style perfectly. 

System Setting Recommendations: 

  • 0.4ohm meshed coil – runs best at 25W – Super Pulse Power Mode - Compatible with Xros Pro ONLY - Works best with HVG E-Liquids
  • 0.6ohm meshed coil – runs best at 21W – Super Pulse Power Mode, Eco Mode, Normal Mode - Compatible with all Xros Pod Vape Kits - Works best with HVG and 50/50 E-Liquids
  • 0.8ohm meshed coil – runs best at 16W – Super Pulse Power Mode, Eco Mode, Normal Mode - Compatible with all Xros Pod Vape Kits - Works best with HVG and 50/50 E-Liquids
  • 1.0ohm meshed coil – runs best at 12W – Super Pulse Power Mode, Eco Mode, Normal Mode - Compatible with all Xros Pod Vape Kits - Works best with 50/50 and HPG E-Liquids
  • 1.2ohm kanthal coil – runs best at 10W – Super Pulse Power Mode, Eco Mode, Normal Mode - Compatible with all Xros Pod Vape Kits - Works best with HPG E-Liquids

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