External Batteries

Cases keep our precious vaping devices safe and sound from external damages such as scratches and dents, it’s much better to keep your device within something to protect it rather than bouncing about in a large bag or purse. For vapers using devices with external batteries, it’s imperative that the batteries must be stored within a plastic closable and/or lockable container to protect them. If your external batteries are not kept within a plastic case when not within the device, it can be dangerous. Whilst lithium-ion batteries are perfectly safe when taken care of, it’s a different story when they are not looked after. Please discard your external batteries if you notice any damage to the protective electrical tape surrounding the cell, any unusual sounds coming from the battery, or if it starts to feel unusually warm when not in use. Do not keep external batteries loose with anything metalic such as keys, coins, etc. If metal touches both sides of the battery it can create an unregulated circuitry, which is incredibly dangerous. Keep external batteries within the mod or within a protective case, especially when traveling. Cases bring us peace of mind that our devices and batteries are safely tucked away, without needing to worry about where to place your vape or batteries when they are not in use. Not sure if you need a new case or new batteries? We offer FREE 4HR Tracked Delivery Services via The Royal Mail on orders above £35, it's the ideal time to get some fresh batteries and protective case for them! 

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