Drip Tips

Drip Tips, also known as the Mouthpiece, is the part of your vaping device which sits on top of the Tank for the vaper to inhale from. Most standard MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) tanks use what is called a ‘510 threading’ due to the size being approximately 5.1mm in diameter. Similarly, most standard STL (Straight-to-Lung) tanks use what is called an ‘810 threading’ due to the size being approximately 8.1mm in diameter. These drip tips are shaped this way to allow a specific amount of vapour production through to mimic either the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette or the sensation of shisha and cigars. It’s important to double check and make sure what type of drip tip threading your device has prior to making a purchase, as not all drip tips are cross compatible with all tanks, even devices that use these standardised measurements may not fit because some manufactures like to add a bespoke touch to their designs that stray from being fully 510 and 810 compatible. Most modern pod kits do not use either type of mouthpiece if they are designed as a whole unit where the drip tip is part of the pod, which is often the case for fixed-coil pods that are meant to be discarded responsibly after use. If you are looking for replacement pods for your fixed-coil pod kit, check out our selection of pods made by some of the biggest names in vaping, featuring Aspire, UWELL, Vaporesso, and many more! At The London Vape Company we understand how important it is to ensure that the mouthpiece for your vape is as comfortable for your needs as possible, which is exactly why we host so many popular hardware brands to make sure there is something for every type of tank and every individual vaper’s desires. Whilst comfort is king, we also supply different colours of drip tip to match with various devices for that aesthetically pleasing feeling. Treat yourself to a selection of spare parts and drip tips for your favourite vape and get FREE 48HR Tracked Delivery Services via The Royal Mail on orders above £35! 

Comfortable Drip Tips and Mouthpieces are an essential part of your vape, and should be replaced if your original drip tip becomes chipped or damaged in some way.
Explore our range of mouth pieces by popular brands such as Aspire, Vandy Vapes, and many more.
Whether you are looking to replace a broken part or are wanting to change the aesthetic of your vaping device, at The London Vape Company you are sure to find what you need on our website or in our store.