Aisu E-Liquids

Aisu E-Liquid series is brought to us by the innovative team behind Zap! Juice, after much success with its founding flavour menu created in 2016 right here in the UK. Available in 50ml bottles as nicotine-free 70/30 VG/PG E-Fluid in addition to 10ml bottles of 50/50 VG/PG pre-mixed nic salt E-Liquid, meaning there is an Aisu for every vape kit. Taking their inspiration from traditional Japanese dessert Kakigōri - shaved ice flavoured with sweet succulent syrups and decorated with tasty toppings.
Once a delicacy for Japanese aristocrats, the Kakigōri is now available as a delicious ice-cold refreshing vape fluid that will take your tastebuds on a journey through 19th century Japan.
From the amazing Aloe Vera to the magnificent Mango, the Aisu series is sure to impress with its range of sensational vape juices. Free UK shipping on orders above £35!

Aisu E-Liquids

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There’s so much to choose from, and with our 2 for £20 offer you can get multiple of your favourite flavours!
Tantalise your tastebuds with alluring Aloe Vera, behold the beauty of Blackcurrant, enjoy the smooth refreshing bubbly Blue Raspberry, treat yourself to the captivating Cactus, stay as cool as a  Cucumber, dare to dable in the dashing Dragon Fruit, go green with the gorgeous Green Apple, relish in the pure joy of marvelous Mango, chillax with the mellow Melon, or pick up a perfect Pink Guava.
Fans of these fantastic frozen fruity flavours are sure to love the sweet succulent series of other marvelous creations from the Zap! Team. Check out the Aisu Zero Ice range, Aisu Tokyo Series range, and Zap! Range.