Aisu Nic Salts

Aisu E-Liquids took their inspiration from the traditional Japanese dessert Kakigōri - a shaved ice dessert flavoured with sweet succulent syrups.
Once a delicacy for Japanese aristocrats, the Kakigōri is now available as a delicious ice-cold refreshing vape that will take you on a journey through 19th century Japan.
From the amazing aloe vera to the magnificent mango, the Aisu series is sure to impress with its range of sensational vape juices.
We here at The London Vape Company believe there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes within this wonderous range of frozen fruity fun, and if you love Aisu as much as we do, we highly recommend checking out the other ranges within the Aisu umbrella such as Aisu Zero Ice, Aisu Tokyo Series, and Aisu Yōguruto.

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