We often get asked about temperature sensing in vaping and temperature control vaping; what is it, how do I get started and why should I consider it? Well, hopefully we should be able to clear some of that up for you today!

Temperature sensing is a solution to a number of issues that users sometimes experience when sub ohming. It can be easy to set the temperature too high for your coil, leading to dry throat hits and worse, a horrifically burnt taste which tends to linger.  With temperature sensing the goal is simple, set the temperature your device will heat the coil to and making sure that you are getting a smooth, clear and exceptionally tasty vape.

The first thing to note is that the temperature of the coil isn't what is being read by the device, instead it is the subtle changes in the resistance during vaping. When these changes are detected your battery will begin to alter output in order to maintain consistent temperature. Most devices will achieve this using nickel wire, commonly refereed to as NI-200 Nickel wire. TI Pure Titanium wire can also be used, although this is less common. These coils will have significantly more wraps as they will heat up at a faster rate than standard kanthal, and these extra curls will result in slower heating for the wire. In effect, it ensures that both sets of wire will keep to a safe and manageable level that will provide a vastly superior vape for longer durations. As the task is more intensive on your chip-set it will require more battery during usage, however it is fairly common for experienced users to swap between temp controlled and standard coils throughout a day. 

Fine tuning the temperature of your vaping has a number of significant benefits. The first and most obvious is that it greatly benefits the flavour, allowing for sweet spots wherein juice is heated perfectly,  and with no pesky dry hits to worry about. An Elements pink lemonade set correctly is closer to a taste epiphany than a quick hit of sweetness. Furthermore, it can be a great asset in keeping any danger from vaping as minimal as possible. Carbonyls can be produced by dry wicks and contain some potentially harmful chemicals. By keeping a wick set correctly with temp control these dangers are reduced drastically.

A number of different brands take advantage of this new technology, such as Vapor Shark. The RDNA 40 is one of the companies latest releases, which is a powerhouse when it comes to temperature sensing. Conserving battery and able to effectively utilize NI-200 wire and kanthal to an extremely high quality, we highly recommend looking into this device if temperature sensing takes your fancy. For those wanting to get the absolute maximum out of their temp control box, we also recommend the SnowWolf 200W for never ending clouds. With the recent drops in price as temperature control has become more common with vapers, there are a huge number of options for the savvy user.

Temperature control promotes better flavour and better safety, so if you find yourself seeking either, drop in and The London Vape Company will help you get on the path to both.