Last Friday we held a huge competition event in our Enfield branch, which brought together our beloved community of vaping aficionados for the chance to win some amazing prizes. The music played loud, the clouds flew thick and an inhuman amount of KitKats were consumed with reckless abandon.


The store was packed out with faithful customers, vaping novices and even a few celebrities, including Leo Dagoy of Vaping Outlaws. A diverse  selection of mods were on show; Kanger, Uwell, Aspire and more could be found in every hand. The fire alarm going off once or twice was inevitable, but we kept it contained despite the 'so thick you could cut it with a knife' clouds on show. We are professionals after all.

A bunch of free goodies were handed out, so no one went home empty handed. Especially not those who joined in on our hotly contested cloud competition.


The London Vape Company partnered with the World Series of Cloud Chasing to hold a competition that pitted vaper v vaper in displays of style and endurance  to see who was the cloud king. To sweeten the deal, there was the chance to win goodybags full of tanks, mods and juices worth over £250.

The first challenge was a back to back trial to determine who could blast out the biggest clouds from a single lungful. The rules were simple, contestants were given half and hour to build a coil that would be set on a mech mod of our choice. We caught up with some of the contestants while they were wrapping their wires to see how they get the most out of their devices. One such attendee was Theo, who was using 24 gauge nickle wire at 6 wraps, which came down to around 0.15 ohms. However, other challengers, such as competition veteran Corey, sought to boost their potential with an even lower 22 gauge wire for the best output possible.

Our cloud comp gladiators lined up back to back in front of our judges and did their best to knock out the largest and longest streams around. After a series of displays of great sportsmanship, phenomenal fog and neck to neck decisions, the winner was revealed: Jack Av.


Jack demolished the competition with an excellent build and mighty lung capacity that was left unchallenged. He took away the grand prize, and the adoration of the crowd.

During the competition, we also enjoyed a surprise entry from two Vape Co staff, Josh and Amir, which went as well as could be expected. That means one was knocked out of the competition at an early stage and the other disqualified. Good effort guys.

And even got to see Managing Director Anthony and his wife/real boss Paula compete against each other. We'll just say the results were inconclusive, because we'd rather keep our job.


Next up was the raffle, where the crowd could enter to win a huge range of awesome prizes. Mods, juices and more could be won, and seemingly everyone was gifted something to remember the evening with. Congrats to all our lucky winners!

Finally, we all got a stunning show from our contestants joining the trick comp. Those who entered had exactly one minute to impress our judges with feats of control and painstakingly rehearsed routines. We've never seen so many smoke rings in one place, and never with such perfect form. It had to be seen to be believed, and the crowd went wild while watching these pros turn clouds into killer displays of pure creativity.

But there could only be one champion to take home the grand prize, and the deciding vote went to Leo, who blew away the judges and the crowd with a fantastic, flawless and unbeatable set of mind boggling tricks. Good going Leo!


And that concluded our evening of vaping heaven. We had a awesome time thanks to everyone who came down, and we look forward to getting all our followers down for another night of tricks, clouds and freebies! If you fancy getting involved, make sure you check out the World Series of Cloud Chasing at our Camden store on the 18th of June. And if you like what you see keep an eye on our social media to get updates on what we have planned next, or just pop in store for a chat and a browse.

Niall De'Ath