We know e-cigarettes are better than smoking

You've heard the debate, you've seen the years of conflicted e-cigarette media reports. And you've almost certainly talked with friends about the implications of vaping. But the facts are clear.

Vaping is vastly superior to smoking in regards to both your health and experience. And they're here to stay.

We've collected our favourite reasons showing why vaping is undeniably better than smoking for you to check out. If you're still on the fence about vaping, or just want to find out more about the industry, read on!

Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking

Despite what many wrongly assume, vaping has been repeatedly proven to be drastically better for your health when replacing smoking.

In August 2015, Public Health England (PHE) announced that vaping is not only healthier than smoking, but is drastically reducing the number of tobacco smokers in the UK.

Experts concluded that e-cigarettes are around 95% safer than smoking, with no risk of nicotine poisoning and no risks to bystanders via second hand smoke identified.

University College London (UCL) also published an extensive study in 2017 which showed a 97% reduction in toxins when tobacco smokers switched to vaping devices.

E-cigarette products are regulated

Under the Tobacco Product Regulations (TPD), the quality and contents of your vaping products are kept to an extremely high standard.

In 2017, the new trading standards came into effect, ensuring all products go through a lengthy and detailed analysis process before becoming available on the UK market.

Products containing harmful chemical are banned from sale until they meet the strict requirements set out in the legislation, ensuring that the vaping public only gets the best of the best.

Quitting smoking is easy with vaping

Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult goals that so many of us come face to face with, but with vaping it has become so much easier!

In 2017, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) reported that in a study of over 12,000 vapers, over 50% had successfully quit with the help of e-cigarettes.

Vaping can be thanked for the record drop in smokers in the UK in the last few years, and it won't stop there.

Vaping is cheaper than smoking

Despite the obvious health risks, many of us can underestimate the cost of smoking, and how much it eats into our cash reserves over the course of a year.

The average UK smoker uses around 10-20 cigarettes a day, with each pack of 20 costing up to £11. In a year this adds up, hitting an estimated spend of around £3500 per annum!

Based on our own calculations using our products, the cost per year for the same smoker to switch to vaping would be reduced by a whopping £2869.05!

Vaping is more enjoyable than smoking

This one is obvious to any vaper!

Vaping has scored a great deal of points with users, who have noticed that they no longer smell of tobacco when using an e-cigarette. Not only that, e-cigarettes don't stain your teeth, leave a heavy feeling in your lungs or burn your fingers!

With so many options to customise your experience, everyone is able to find their perfect fit with ease!

You can choose your perfect flavour

No more being locked into a boring tobacco flavour. As a vaper you're in total control of how your e-cigarette tastes!

From fresh fruits and sweets to cakes and pastry, no choice is too crazy!

The freedom offered by vaping's enormous flavour profile is refreshing and exciting, and new options are always around the corner.

You can choose your nicotine strength

To help you find the perfect vaping fit to your smoking needs, you can customise your nicotine strength down to the millilitre!

This allows you to reduce your nicotine consumption efficiently and with complete control, further increasing your chances of never touching a cigarette ever again!

E-cigarettes are supported by anti-smoking organisations

As a vaping company, of course our opinion is going to be biased.

However, it isn't just us who are actively promotion vaping as the first truly effective means of smoking cessation.

Cancer Research UK, the National Health Service and Public Health England are all voicing their support for vaping.

Vaping offers the world the opportunity to drastically reduce cancer rates, early death and lung disease, a result all anti-smoking organisations have been fighting for!

E-cigarettes are a ground breaking step forward in the fight against smoking, and with the support of these bodies, you can rest assured that vaping has placed us on the brink of a better outlook for the future of public health.