Vape Co Plus Candyfloss e-Liquid

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Candyfloss | Strawberry
VG/PG: 50/50

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Candyfloss 10ml E-Liquid by The London Vape Company Plus Range recreates all the fun and thrills of the fairground with this iconic candy inspired E-Juice. Delicate hints of strawberry and blue raspberry from the pink and blue cotton candy swirl around your tongue with extra sweet sugary undertones that remind us of nostalgic childhood moments at the carnival. At The London Vape Company we have had the honor of serving the local community since we first opened our doors in 2014 with the simple goal of helping as many Londoners quit smoking traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes and cigars. Years of dedication to product research and development goes into the heart of everything we do to ensure that every vaping product we manufacture adheres to the strict guidelines of the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) and UK Laws to make sure everything we make is of the highest quality. Premium E-Liquid catering to MTL (Mouth to Lung) inhalation techniques used by those trying to replicate the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette is what we are known best for, along with our fantastic customer service expertise designed to help provide ex-smokers with everything they need to know to help them quit tobacco products for good. The London Vape Company House Range E-Liquids have always been hugely popular amongst our regular customers, especially for those looking to get a bargain with our bulk buy tier options for bigger and better discounts on vaping top-ups. Introducing The London Vape Company Plus Range E-Liquids which have been designed for vapers looking for a slightly smoother experience that does not compromise the lifespan of coils or quality of flavour production. What makes our Vape Co Plus so smooth? Increasing the percentage of VG to PG making these E-Juices 50/50 VG/PG that mimics the sensation felt when inhaling a traditional tobacco cigarette. Whilst our original House Juice Range of E-Liquids are blended for Plus-Ohm MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) coils and inhalation techniques using a very thin HPG (High Propylene Glycol) 30/70 VG/PG Ratio base, our Vape Co Plus Range has been crafted for RDTL (Restrictive Direct to Lung) which is an inhalation technique used by those that find the MTL (Mouth to Lung) experience too weak and restrictive whilst finding the STL (Straight to Lung) experience too aerated and strong. Coils on the higher end of the Sub-Ohm scale such as 0.8ohm have been implemented in a lot of newer pod-based vape kits to accommodate this in-between vaping style, which are perfect for the Vape Co Plus Range E-Liquids
London Vape Co uses an even percentage of propylene glycol to vegetable glycerin for our Vape Co Plus Range to help preserve the lifespan of the heating element by allowing the coil to re-wick faster when compared with thick (higher vegetable glycerin) E-Juice brands. Vapers that are know and love our original House Range will notice that the higher vegetable glycerin percentage creates a silky-smooth sensation on the throat, making it less intense of a hit compared to our higher propylene glycol liquids. 
Whilst Nic Salt E-Liquids remain a popular option for many vapers, our Vape Co Plus Range uses Freebase nicotine rather than salts, as the freebase nicotine provides an adequate throat hit similar to the sensation felt when smoking a traditional cigarette without delivering too much nicotine per milliliter of E-Fluid. Nic Salts are super smooth yet potent, which many vapers argue makes it difficult to drop down in nicotine consumption over time during their journey to quitting smoking. Vapers that use Nicotine Salts will be amazed at how simplistic it is to swap to a  lower nicotine percentage by replacing their usual Salt E-Juice with a Freebase London Vape Co 10ml E-Fluid. We recommend trying out a 3mg-6mg Freebase E-Liquid if you are used to Salt between 10mg-20mg (1%-2%), as the Freebase Nicotine Strengths get harsher the higher the nicotine percentage increases.  
Available in 10ml bottles pre-mixed with freebase nicotine or without any nicotine at all for vapers who wish to reduce or remove the nicotine content from their vaping experience over time whilst continuing to enjoy the delicious flavours available from the Vape Co Plus Range. 

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Product Specifications:

Nic Strength Recommendations: 

  • 0mg: Social smokers, flavour enthusiasts, vapers looking to reduce nicotine consumption. 
  • 3mg: 5-15 cigarettes per day smokers, social smokers, vapers looking to reduce nicotine consumption from higher strengths. 
  • 6mg: 5-20 cigarettes per day smokers, vapers looking to reduce nicotine consumption from higher strengths. 
  • 12mg: 15-30 cigarettes per day smokers, vapers looking to reduce nicotine consumption from higher strengths available in other ranges such as the Original Vape Co House Juice Range



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