Heisenberg E-Liquids

Shop Heisenberg e liquid from The London Vape Co today. You'll find the best Heisenberg e-liquid draws inspiration from the hit television show, Breaking Bad. Where the lead protagonist Walter White uses the street name Heisenberg in reference to the German physicist Werner Heisenberg who was famous for his uncertainty principle. The Heisenberg flavours in our selection of e-juices also have an uncertain element to them. Shop The London Vape Co’s selection of Heisenberg e-liquid and discover a range of UK made, TPD compliant, high quality flavour combinations that will surprise and delight. From red berries and menthol to aniseed and fruit berries, this unique flavour e liquid is really not to be missed.

Heisenberg E-Liquids

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Our delicious selection of edgy infusions of Heisenberg e liquid blend some incredible flavours together to make something even better than the sum of its individual parts. Heisenberg flavour vape juice such as Vampire Vape, give you a harmonious vape experience that is alive with flavours that work in sync, giving your taste buds a taste explosion. From the first inhale of sweet fruity Heisenberg flavours, to the sharper berry notes that linger to a super cool, elegant exhale of ice ice baby. Mint or menthol is one of those flavours that just takes the sickly edge off fruity e-liquids, turning an ordinary vape into an extraordinary vape experience, one that will fill your mouth with beguiling flavours and leave you craving more. For many vapers, Heisenberg e-liquid offers an intriguing vape flavour that gets you hooked on its moreishness and downright deliciousness from the first vape. Enjoy The London Vape Co’s range of TPD compliant Heisenberg flavour e-liquids, all made in the UK, including the original Vampire Vape Heisenberg. If you’re after an award winning e-liquid that will give you an intense fruity first taste with a cool minty after kick, you’ll find the best-balanced e-liquids right here. Simply buy your favourite flavour vape juice online today and enjoy a speedy checkout and even speedier delivery (free when you spend over £30). You’ll be Breaking Bad in no time. Heisenberg vape juice, as the name suggests, is an e juice that is as unpredictable as it comes. So if you're after a vape juice that will surprise and delight every time, this is the e liquid for you. Prefer your e liquid with varying nicotine strengths? Opt for a short fill and top your bottle up with the exact amount of nicotine you crave. From 0mg to 6mg, 12mg and up to 18mg, you can add the exact amount of nicotine you need to our Heisenberg flavour products. When you purchase e liquid through The London Vape Co, you'll discover the best vape juice available. Our discerning taste testers have meticulously tasted a wide array of e liquid vapes to find the best brands out there. For the ultimate vape, order online today and enjoy Heisenberg e juice with starter kits, with sub ohm devices, with whatever your chosen device is. Our products guarantee the best vaping experience because they're the products we vape ourselves.