Why is the JUUL so popular?

Author: Amy Phillips

There’s a new sheriff in town, not that it needs much introduction. JUUL is undoubtedly the latest and greatest titan in the UK vaping industry, and we’re assessing why exactly this fresh face is taking over the vaping world. We’ve talked to our customers and done our homework, so read on to see what we’ve discovered!

From our research and personal experience, we’ve found out that the JUUL is popular for several different, but equally important, reasons. It’s simple, clean, perfectly sized and satisfying.


The JUUL is one of the easiest devices we’ve ever used, and we’ve used a lot! All you have to do to get started is to pop your choice of flavour pod into the device, and you’re good to go. No buttons, no ohms and no wattage to play around with. The only two major steps you have to worry about is charging it and replacing the pods. Really, that’s all you need to do. Vaping has never been easier!


With no coils and no refilling, there is no mess to worry about when using the JUUL. Absolutely hassle free and straight to the point. Just the way we like it!


The JUUL is tiny! Absolutely perfect for a night out when you don’t want to carry a big, often bulky device. The JUUL fits perfectly into your pocket and remains discreet enough to enjoy a quick vape on the go with the smallest amount of hassle possible!


Two words: Nicotine Salts. You’ve heard of them, but you may still have no idea why anyone would want to put salt in e-liquid. We’ve learned very quickly that Nic Salt, of course, isn’t actually salt, as that would be mental.

Nic Salts are a natural form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves, whereas so called ‘free-base’ nicotine is not. So, lets investigate the bigger picture, so prepare to be bored!

The nicotine found in tobacco leaves is called deprotonated and monoprotonated nicotine. This means that when the nicotine bonds with acids found naturally in the tobacco leaf, it forms a much more stable molecule, that being nicotine salts.

In short, the difference between Nic Salts and free-base nicotine is that free-base nicotine will give you a strong ‘kick’ in the back of the throat, whereas Nic Salts provide a much smoother ‘kick’ despite typically having a higher concentrate level of nicotine. Next, it will dissolve into the blood stream similar to how the nicotine in a cigarette would, giving you the true feeling of a cigarette. JUUL is the true Jedi Master of the world of Nic Salts.

So, it’s not surprising that JUUL is taking over the vaping world. Its sleek look and simple design makes it easy for those wanting to quit smoking to succeed, as well as appealing to those who are already free from tobacco who may be looking for a smaller secondary device.